Bruno Kimura


"When I decided to apply for an internship in Australia my intention was to test and develop my English skills as well as to have the first professional experience as a yet to be Electrical Engineer.
Australian Internships put me in contact with this Host Organisation where I was fortunate to be involved with real and relevant activities to my professional field. It would be difficult to describe here all activities, knowledge acquired and the professional growth as result.
After the internship, return to Brazil and graduation completion, I was invited to work for the same company in Brazil where I took different positions along the years, from Application Engineer to Engineering Manager, and then on to Operations Director.
Today, I'm the Managing Director of the Brazilian operation.
To undertake a quality internship is to invest in a solid and successful professional future. With no doubt I recommend this experience to everyone.

Bruno Kimura, Brazilian, Electrical Engineering

Published on by Daniele L.