There is one thing that is certain in life – at one point or another you will be faced with challenges. How you deal with them is up to you. Here are a few tips from the AI team on how to take challenges head on:

Take a step back and look at things from a distance: Disappointment and challenges can occur when we our expectation are not met, or we are faced with the unknown. In such times, stop, take a break and look at the big picture. Try to think of all the things that you have achieved so far on your journey in life, or in your career. Often the most beautiful destinations have the rockiest roads.

Do not compare yourself to others: Everyone has their own story, creating their own strengths and overcoming their weaknesses. By comparing yourself to someone else you see their victories and success, but forgot that they also have weaknesses and failure. Comparing isn’t empowering. Let yourself be inspired by others, but focus on your own path.

Change your mind: In difficult situations, or disappointing moments try taking a breath and going for a 5 min walk outside; far from what is putting you down. Remember that you control your thoughts and destiny – meaning the power to change things is in your hands!

Ask for help: More often than not those around you (colleagues and friends) are the happy to help – all you have to do is ask. Build your support network by asking for help during difficult times. Solving problems with the help of others will help you get back on a good track. You may find that asking for help also aids in building strong connections with others – they may find resolving with the issue as rewarding as you do!


3 September, 1901

The Australian flag is flown for the first time.

9 September, 1839

Darwin Harbour, where the city of Darwin now stands, is discovered and named.

10 September, 1906

The first Australian licence plates and drivers licence are issued.

17 September, 2001

Australian Citizenship Day, inaugurated in the twenty-first century.

26 September 1855

The first railway line in New South Wales is opened.




Name: Ekaterina

Age: 21

Field: Biomedical Science

City: Brisbane

Nationality: Russian


Why did you decide to do your internship in Australia?

Having lived in Australia in the past I was very eager to come back to see my friends, and since I also had to do an internship as part of my university degree, combining the two seemed like a great plan. Besides, it was very important to me to gain practical experience in an international setting, because it's hard to be a part of modern scientific community without interacting with researchers from all around the world. Which is why Australia, with its rich multicultural traditions, was a destination number one for me.




What made this experience unique and special?
Although, I'm quite familiar with Australian culture, I was, nevertheless, struck by the heart-warming welcome at my host organisation during my first couple of days there. My supervisors and colleagues were always there for me: be it to help me with my tasks or for a quick chat during lunch break. All this made me feel at home and allowed me to enjoy my internship even more than I'd expected. Of course this wouldn't have happened, if it hadn't been for my wonderful IPSs at Australian Internships who were helping me all the way through.

How has this experience impacted your future?
Doing an internship in Australia not only allowed me to practice my professional skills in order to feel more confident in a lab, it also provided me with a fantastic opportunity to create a network of valuable contacts in the field that I'm interested in.

What was the highlight of your experience?
It's hard to pick just one highlight, as there are so many to choose from, but I suppose the time when my supervisors let me run the experiments for their project independently was one of the biggest highlights of my internship.

What advice you would offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?
My advice would probably sound very straightforward but to my mind being proactive is the best thing you can do. Be open to new experience, embrace the change and don't be afraid to make mistakes, because this is the most efficient way to learn.






Joanna grew up in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. She studied a Bachelor in Business majoring in Human Resource Managementand prior to that spent some time studying Education. Before working with Australian Internships, Joanna worked in the Medical and Childcare industries. During her spare time Joanna enjoys skating and sharing a drink with friends. In terms of travel, Joanna has visited Thailand and parts of Europe, however hopes to find the opportunity to travel to many other countries in all areas of the world.


How would you describe your work?
As an Internship Program Supervisor my role is support Interns through all stages of their internship. From providing interview advice and conducting mock interviews to assisting with visa applications or addressing queries throughout the placement, my aim is to ensure all Interns have a smooth and enjoyable experience!


What do you like the most about your work?
Some interns are particularly passionate about their area of work and I love knowing that I am helping them to further their experiences in something they love doing. For a lot of Interns, working in Australia or gaining overseas experience has always been a lifelong dream and I love helping them turnthat dream into reality. On top of this, it isalways heart-warming when Interns are particularly happy and thankful for the work that we put in at AI and the experiences we have offered them.

Your message to the interns?
Embrace all opportunities that your internship offers you. No matter what happens, it will be a great learning experience!

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Mount Wellington


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Bruny Island


The island is located about 20 minutes away from Kettering, by ferry. It offers both a wildlife and gourmet treat: the island has preserved natural environments with abundant wildlife and stunning cliff top views, and is also home to producers specialising in oysters, cheese and chocolate. It’s the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.


Lavender Fields at Bridestowe Estate

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