Orientation Session:

Every two weeks, in our Brisbane and Sydney offices, we organise Orientation Sessions for all interns who are starting their internship. Those sessions are mandatory and are a great way to meet other interns starting their internship in September and October! You will also learn more about the Australian workplace, culture and communication!

Confirm you attendance to your IPS by emailing or calling them!

September Orientation sessions are on:

• The 2nd of September 3:00pm
• The 16th of September 3:00pm
• The 30th of September 3:00pm

Intern Nights: Brisbane and Sydney

Every month, Australian Internships organises “Intern nights” in Brisbane and Sydney! Those events are scheduled on the last Thursday of every months and are a great way to meet our team and interns from all over the world! Those events will allow you to and share your experience with us! For more details about these events please contact your IPS.

Last month in Brisbane, it was doughnut time; and in Sydney, interns had the chance to enjoy a drink and some nibbles! Don’t miss out on the September edition! We look forward seeing you there!

Want to grow your circle of business contacts? One of the many wonderful advantages of an internship is the opportunity to network! Make the most of every opportunity before, during and after your internship to network with other interns from around the globe; co-workers/supervisor at your Host Organisation and the many contacts including Host Organisation clients/partners that you will have access to throughout your internship. A well developed network of people within your field is a great way to get job opportunities or to keep you up to date with the latest news in the market!

Here are a few top tips on how to network for success:

  • Establish Relationships. Connection is the key! As an intern you are in the prime position to build relationships with your supervisor and colleagues. But networking is also about knowing people outside of your field or comfort zone. Do not hesitate to talk to colleagues from other department or jump at the opportunity to attend networking events, seminars or workshops.

  • Attend as many events as you can. Networking events, training seminars, workshops or marketing events are great ways to get to know other people. It is an opportunity to collect business cards and build your professional network. So if your supervisor invites you to join an event; say yes! The Intern Night is also a great way to make friends who like you may turn into the leaders of tomorrow. The Australian Internships alumni includes General Managers & Department Heads with leading global organizations – they like you, all started as interns!

  • Set networking goals. Simple easy goals such as: “This week, meet someone from the accounting team”. By setting a goal, you will force yourself to step outside your comfort zone and maximize your time as an intern.

  • Stand Out. Always do your best – produce the best quality work that you can! It is a sure fire way that people will remember you. By building a great reputation, people will remember who you are and how great your skills (thought still growing) are.

Thursday, September 1, 1988:

The Golden Wattle is officially proclaimed as the floral emblem of Australia. Since 1992, the 1st of September is now Australia's "National Wattle Day".

Tuesday, September 3, 1901:

The Australian flag is flown for the first time after a design competition collecting 32,000 entries. Five winners had to share the £200 prize.

Friday, September 28, 1973:

The first performance takes place in the new Sydney Opera House before the formal opening by Queen Elizabeth II on 20 October 1973. The opening was celebrated with fireworks and a performance of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9.

Tuesday, September 16, 1975:

Papua New Guinea is granted full independence from Australia.

Thursday, September 23, 1993:

Sydney is announced as the venue for the 2000 Olympic Games. Beijing was the other city competing to hold those Olympic Games.

Monday, September 17, 2001:

First celebration of Australian Citizenship Day. The 17th of September was chosen as it was the day that the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 was signed in 1973.

Age: 25
Field: Finance
City: Sydney
Nationality: Georgia

Why did you choose to complete an Internship?
There is always a difference between theory and practice. So, I wanted to get a practical experience in the field of finance before starting MSc in Banking and Finance. Furthermore, I wanted to have international working experience so I could advance my career. I wanted to see how the work is done in Australia and to explore a new continent where everybody speaks English.

What have you learned the most during your internship?
I have learnt so many things during these amazing 6 month of my internship. This experience helped me to develop personally and professionally. Being intern under this program gave me the opportunity to work with very highly skilled professionals, to discover my strengths and to develop leadership skills. It gave me insight into how job should be done across different divisions within the bank and I worked on very important projects. 
What benefits do you feel AI contributed to your internship and time in Australia?
The contribution of AI is vital for painless and smooth transition and adaptation to new environment. From the first moment when I applied till now they have been always beside me to solve all the problems I was facing with my internship and visa application process. In addition the intern’s night which held every month is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Once again I would like to thank AI team for that they have done for me.

What advice would you give future interns?
The experience of living and working in Australia is priceless. If you have the opportunity never miss it. Be confident and accept the challenge. Be prepared this experience will make you to dream bigger and achieve even more.

What do you enjoy most about Australia?
Australia was not my dream destination before coming here. However, I fell in love instantly with Sydney. Sydney is so beautiful and multicultural city, the food is very tasty and there are so many places to explore during weekends. There are not huge differences between Greece and Australia but the small details can have impact and nothing seems same as you expect, like walking on the left side of pavement instead of right or see the moon upside down.



Rachael Bromage

Like most Australians, I love to travel. I try to holiday overseas at least once a year and I am always planning my next adventure.  I've been to Asia, USA and Europe with my next travel destination being Mexico but I am still yet to see a lot of things in my own backyard!  I also have a love of food and not just any food but dishes that have been created so that every element on that dish explodes with flavour and textures in your mouth. I guess you could say my love of travel and food has originated from my time in the hospitality industry and the opportunities I had to dine the hotel’s restaurants and stay with the hotel’s sister properties at home, Asia and the USA.

How would you describe your work?
As the Hospitality Program Manager, I source internships for young students and recent graduates in either the Food and Beverage, Kitchen or Front Office Departments of hotels and resorts across Australia. I have a hospitality and human resources background, so I have developed relationships with key contacts in the industry over the years, which is beneficial to facilitating placements.


What do you like the most about your work?
The people and success stories. Having experienced working in the hospitality experience myself, I know and understand that it takes dedicated and committed people to become true hospitality professionals. So to be able to find placements for young professionals who have that energy in them already is a real delight!

Your message to the interns
If you demonstrate your enthusiasm, professionalism and drive in everything you do, you can be a future leader in the industry you are passionate about.




On the 11th of September, starting at 11am, on the world famous Bondi Beach, kites of every shape will be flying all over the sky. For the show, champion kite flyers from Germany, England, New-Zeeland and Australia will show off their hand made creations and skills in the air with aerial acrobatics shows. You can fly your own kite and participate to this colourful event or just watch the spectacle enjoying the live music, dances from all over the world and the food alley.


More information about the event here: 









Since 1848, in September, the Royal Melbourne show is organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. This Agricultural show is attracting up to half a milion of visitor and is one of the most iconic annual community event. Attractions, show, competition, entertainements food and drinks make this event enjoyable by everyone! Don’t miss the edition of 2016 from the 17th of September to the 27th.

More information about the event and the tickets here: 









For the 5th year in a row the Scandinavian Festival is held in Austin Street, Newstead. This year around 50 market stalls will propose food, furniture, fashion, gifts, arts & crafts and many more products from different Scandinavian countries. This free event is bringing together the culture of 5 countries: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Don’t miss this cultural event on Sunday the 11th of September 2016 from 10am to 4pm.

More information about this event here:     






The Floriade NightFest is Australia’s biggest celebration of spring with live music, comedy and entertainment. During five breaths taking nights, from the 28th of September to the 2nd of October, the celebration will be light up and will look like wonderland. Don’t miss the NightFest from 6:30pm to 10:30 in Commonwealth Park!

More information about the event & price here:



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Fr $89 per person for adults
Fr $79 for ISIC card holders


$145 per person for adults
$140 for ISIC card holders


Fr $194 per person for adults

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