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If you are planning to come to Australia or already live here, you may not know about its amazing geography. We have collected some interesting information so you get to know a little bit more about this wonderful country!

Considered a “big island” on the southern hemisphere, between Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia is the 6th largest country in the world with 7.7 million square kilometres. It has approximately 12.000 small islands composing the Australian territory. Tasmania state is part of the country as well, composed by small islands and extends to Macquarie Island, a Unesco heritage site, approximately 1,470 km south-east far of the main island. The country has no land borders, for this reason, it owns the largest ocean jurisdiction on the Earth.

The enormous area is formed by the lowest and flattest landscapes with one of the driest land. The centre area of Australia has a series of hills ranged in a line, such as Musgrave Ranges, and some mountains where should Uluru be the best known. Western and central areas are mostly desert. Approximately 18% of the Australian mainland is effectively desert. Therefore, most of its population lives out of this famous Outback, on the breathtaking shore cities.

The largest area of Australia is arid and semi-arid. However, the northern area has a tropical climate with rainforests. The eastern forests carry the most varied fauna and flora and the north-east coastal area has the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest coral reef complex in the world.

Being situated in the middle of a tectonic plate, there is no volcanic activity. It certainly is another incentive to live in this distinct country. With about 26 million people, Australia is the most populated country on Oceania, followed by Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and other 11 other countries. According to 2016 census, its population are more likely to be born overseas, reflecting in a multicultural composition.

Daylight Saving Time (or Summer Time)

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Daylight saving started last Sunday, October 6, at 2am, when those in NSW, the ACT, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria turned their clock forward by one hour. The main purpose of Daylight Saving Time (called "Summer Time" in many places in the world) is to make better use of daylight.

Daylight saving will last until April 5, 2020, where clocks will have to be turned back by one hour.

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Sydney Opera House opens The Sydney Opera House is one of the 20th century’s most iconic buildings. It broke new ground for design and engineering around the world. Since its opening in 1973, it has become a symbol the world immediately associates with Sydney and Australia. The story of the Opera House is a drama that for more than 15 years grabbed national headlines and pitted the artistic vision of the architect Jorn Utzon against the politics and budgets of the New South Wales government and the limits of architecture and construction.

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Luis Marco

Age: 22

Field: Biotechnology

City: Brisbane

Nationality: Mexican

1. Why did you choose to complete an Internship?

Since I was 10 years old, I wanted to come to Australia. Therefore, having the chance to be here for an internship was turning my biggest dream true.

2. What made this experience unique and special?

This has been a wonderful experience because I have met so many amazing people from different backgrounds with different stories. Australia is truly a beautiful country with heaps of things to do around, amazing beaches, animals and experiences. My time here has been full with nice surprises.

3. How has this experience impacted your future? (personally, professionally, academically, etc.)

This has definitely impacted my future in the most positive way you could ever imagine. Living in a different country far from home can seem scary, but is one the things that will stay with you forever. I have learned so much about parts of science I did not know before. Thus, I can assure my career has gotten a 100% boost with this internship and all the things I have learned here from both, my work and the people around me


4. What was the highlight of your experience?

The highlight of my experience is that I have made some amazing friends who I travel around during the weekends and we are always up to some new adventure or trip around Brissie. I am also an Open Water Diver by now.


5. What advice you would offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?

You should do it. Put all your courage in your luggage and come to Australia not only to learn and grow, but also to evolve. It will be the best thing you will ever do.



Lisa-Maree Travia



My name is Lisa and I am 22 years old. I have lived in Brisbane my whole life but I come from an Italian background. I hold a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Before working at Australian Internships, I had 7 years customer service experience and 2 years within corporate industries. Throughout my degree, I participated in many internships, which gives me a great understanding on the importance of internship experience. I absolutely love traveling and spending time with my family and friends.

How would you describe your work?

I work very closely with our programs admissions team. I handle initial enquiries and the examining of documentation. No two days are the same and I absolutely love the variety of work I get to do here at Australian Internships. I get to assist and contribute to individuals careers every day and it is so rewarding.

What do you like the most about your work?

Assisting others and traveling are my passions. I love talking to young professionals and assisting them with taking the leap to come to a foreign country and better their career.  I understand firsthand how important internships are and how they can influence your career aspirations. Helping young professionals and giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and develop existing skills is what I love about my job.

Your message to the interns?

Embrace every opportunity and every experience that comes your way! Most people are not given the opportunity to work and live in a foreign country so, immerse yourself and embrace this once in a lifetime experience.

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Sydney – 11 to 18 October 2019


The eagerly awaited Night Noodle Markets will once again transform Hyde Park into a bustling Asian street food festival this October. From 11 – 18 October, Sydneysiders can embark on a vibrant flavour journey through Asia with sizzling hawker-style stalls served alongside live music, DJs and the city’s stunning nightscape.

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Brisbane Hidden Lanes Festival 2019


On Saturday 26 of October, over 50 incredible artists descend on Fortitude Valley in a celebration of fashion, art, food, music and entertainment for an unmissable FREE event. The Hidden Lanes Festival will be filling The Lanes with music this October and hosting an array of trails and workshops during the festivities.

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Mexican Festival


This free Mexican-themed event honours Mexican heritage and culture, and features Mexican cuisine, folklore, dance, music, costumes and mariachis.
Try typically Mexican cuisine such as salsa, guacamole, empanadas, enchiladas, tamales, burritos and fajitas.
The festival's theme is Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebrations, so get ready for a weekend full of skulls, face painting and a lot of costumes (Day of the dead costume recommended but not mandatory).

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Movies under the stars

What better way to spend an evening than outdoors watching a free movie under the stars! The City of Gold Coast Movies under the Stars program is free, family-friendly fun on offer from September 2019 through to April 2020, right across the city.Find more information here:

Find more information here.

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Monkey Mia

Famous for its wild dolphin experience, Monkey Mia is surrounded by rusty red sand dunes, white sandy beaches and water teeming with wildlife.

Apart from dolphins you may see dugongs, sharks, rays, turtles and a variety of fish in the water. Beside the water you are likely to meet pelicans and emus. Thick-billed grasswrens are often seen near the carpark.


Ngilgi Cave

Ngilgi Cave is located in the Geographe Bay and Margaret River Region just off Caves Road, a short distance north of Yallingup. Discovered in 1899, Ngilgi Cave (formerly known as Yallingup Cave) is home to stunning stalactite, stalagmite, helictite and shawl formations.

Explore at your own pace on the popular Semi-Guided Show Cave Tour or choose your own Ngilgi adventure!


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