Your internship might be the first professional experience you have had, and for the non Australian born interns the opportunity to do it in Australia can be even more valuable. But what do you need to know before entering the workplace? It is important to be aware of the Australian workplace cultural practices to ensure that you can get the best out of your internship. Here are a few handy hints and heads-up’s:

  • Cultural diversity: It is a fact; Australia is a big melting pot with people coming from all over the world. More than 40% of Australians were born overseas; this is reflected in the work place. It is a common thing to work with people from very different culture and background, make the most of it and learn from all them!
  • The hierarchy: In Australia the hierarchical system is generally quite flat. All employees will be treated in the same way: with respect. Being a good team member is an important point to be successful in Australia. It is important to treat your superior with respect, but using sense of humour and being friendly is acceptable.
  • Communication style: As Australia has a lot of slangs it is important to make the difference between the non work-related discussion and the professional talk. Slang is not appropriate in the work environment and when it comes about the writing (emails, letters, or fax) make sure your English is formal.
  • Clothing in the workplace: Out of the office, Australians are really open about the clothes. However, within most workplaces there is a specific dress code. Professional outfit are often required in business, but in some companies (depending on the activity of the firm) uniforms or safety wear might be required. We suggest you to ask your supervisor on your first day about the dress code, or even better – check with your Internship Program Supervisor before you start your internship to make sure you arrive dressed for success on your first day!

November 26 1855:

The colony of Van Diemen’s Land becomes known as Tasmania.

November 07 1861:

The first Melbourne Cup is run.

November 02 1922:

Qantas establishes its first regular passenger air service between Charleville and Cloncurry.

November 22 1956:

The opening ceremony for the Melbourne Olympics is held.

November 05 2010:

It is reported that the world’s oldest ground-edge tool has been discovered in northern Australia.


Name: Elena Sofia Bianchi
Age: 24
Field: Human Resources
City: Sydney
Nationality: Italian

For this edition of Intern of the Month we have a wonderful video testimonial from Elena who is doing a 3 month Human Resources internship in Sydney!


Katrina Sandy – Internship Program Supervisor

Hi, my name is Katrina and I am originally from Canada. I moved to Australia as a student and I fell in love with the Country…as well as a man who would eventually become my husband! I have just started working with Australian Internships recently and I am excited about my new job. The interns I have met so far have been lovely and I’m looking forward to meeting many more, either through correspondence or on events such as our Interns Night.

How would you describe your work?
I believe that my work is to help the Interns on this exciting new journey they are taking with us. I enjoy being there for them for guidance and support.

What do you like the most about your work?
Hearing about the success achieved by my interns, either from them or from their supervisors! I also really enjoy meeting the interns during Interns Night. I’m really excited to go to our next one at Franky’s Pizza, here in Sydney.


Your message to the interns?
Please don’t hesitate to contact your IPS to share your successes! We want to celebrate alongside you.


Sydney – Fishers Ghost Carnival

Friday 4 November to Sunday 13 November

The Fishers Ghost Carnival is back again this year! Head to the Bradbury Oval on the weekends to enjoy the rides, food, entertainment and more! An extra bonus…if you go on either Saturday 5 November or Saturday 12 November, you’ll be able to see the fireworks at 9pm. Don’t miss out on this fun event if you’re in the area!

Find more information here.








Melbourne – Polish Festival

Sunday 13 November

Head to Federation Square on the 13th of November to take part in this years Polish festival. There will be live music, dancers, art and of course, food! Indulge in the tasty food being offered such as pierogis, bigos, and kielbasa, among many others!

You can find more information about this free event here.










Brisbane – Queensland Bulls

Head to the Gabba this month to cheer on the Queensland Bulls as they play for the Sheffield Shield! The free games coming up this month are on the 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, 29 of November. Come out for one game or them all, it’s sure to be a great time!

You can find more information about these events on the Bulls website.






ALICE SPRINGS – Town Council Night Markets

10 November 5 – 9 pm

This is the last Night Market before this year’s Christmas Carnival! Head down with friends to enjoy food from one of the many vendors or just enjoy the music on the lawn. This free event will be at Todd Mall on 10 November from 5 – 9 pm, don’t miss it!

You can find more details about this event here.





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Blue Mountains

Central Australia

Great Ocean Road

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