“Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable." 

The above quote, from Coco Chanel, reminds us that our failures are stepping stones to growth which reflect lessons to be learnt. Australian Internships selected a few tips to help you overcome failures and turn them into positives towards a successful career.


Understanding failure: Failure is perceived differently by each individual but inevitably it is the state when we disappoint others and ultimately ourselves. In order for you to turn your failures into success you must be able to identify your failures!

Persistence: Although failure can be mentally challenging you must resist the urge to give up! You must learn to understand that each failure brings you one step closer to your success! As the famous saying goes “It's okay to fail at something over and over, but as soon as you give up altogether—that's the real failure.”

Life goes on: Failure isn’t the end of the world! Although at the time it may feel like your life is over, everybody fails at some stage. Each failure shouldn’t be dwelled upon for too long, it should simply be seen as a learning curve that will help you in the future.

Change your perspective on failure: One of the best things you can do is change your perspective on failure. Naturally we associate failure with negativity but, once you start associating failure with positivity it can really change your life! “I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”- Michael Jordan

Talk to somebody: If you are really struggling to overcome your failures don’t hesitate to talk to somebody about it. Talking to someone about your problems can make you feel drastically better. Chances are whoever you talk to will try to help you feel better!


Name: Tia Rosehill
Country: United States of America
City: Sydney
Field: Property & Real Estate

Why did you choose to complete an Internship?
I choose to complete and internship plain and simple for experience. As a recent college graduate I have been thankful to receive numerous opportunities throughout my period of studies. However, I was unable to get experience in the field of finance and real estate development. Many people expect college graduates to know exactly what they want to do, have a job lined up, and dive right into their career. I was the opposite. I have so many interests that intertwine to make up who I am that I wanted to take the time to figure out whether this was the right career path for me. And what better ways to do that then get an internship and even more so, an international one. 

Tell us what you are doing in your internship?
The company I work for is quite unique. It’s a large company with multiple departments that are connected through financial interests. One part of the company focuses on development and the other is one of the largest owners of retirement communities. I work under the second department, where I manage 7 villages’ monthly expenses. I am in charge of billing residents monthly and keeping up to date with corporate charges, outstanding balances, and miscellaneous fees within each village. I am so thankful for the amount of responsibility my organization has given me and I am so excited to learn and grow from them as I progress in this internship.

Do you have any advice for future interns? 
My advice would be to challenge yourself. This goes for in and out of the workforce frankly. During my time in the office I make daily to do lists of tasks I need to complete within the hour and or by the end of the day. Yes it is very challenging and hard in the start but it has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and ask questions, think critically, and arrive at a conclusion. Even outside of the workforce, adjusting to a new environment can be difficult. I suggest getting involved in anyway you can whether that be sports, community service, a part-time job, and so forth, this is how you will meet people and enjoy your time much more.  

What do you enjoy about Australia?
I love everything about Australia! I really have nothing bad to say about this place. Being based in Sydney provides me with so much opportunity in terms of sights to see, transit, accessibility to the beach, mountains, and city that is has been a blessing to live here thus far. 



The Double Life of our  Internship Program Manager Meaghan Smith:

Arranging internships and celebrating the successes of our interns through the Australian Internship programs is a very rewarding role, and also a very inspiring one. Admiring the triumphs, hard work and sacrifices made my many of our interns in the pursuit of their dream career has inspired me to take on a similar work ethic, which now sees me balancing the demanding role as an Internship Program Manager whilst simultaneously taking on a PhD in molecular biology. 

My PhD research project is part of a large collaborative project funded partly by the Australian Government- partnering with Australian Institute of Marine Science, University of Queensland, James Cook University, University of the Sunshine Coast and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Japan, to combat the current Crown Of Thorns Starfish Crisis on the Great Barrier Reef and reefs across the Indo Pacific (the starfish are in plaguing numbers and are eating all the coral!).  The COTS and not just surviving in the fast changing marine environment- but thriving! It’s a concerning issue which is occurring at an extremely rapid rate,  with forecasts suggesting the Great barrier Reefs coral will continue to decline and die beyond salvageable thresholds within the next 2 decades unless action is taken to protect the fragile ecosystem.


Huge efforts are being made to understand how the starfish communicate (using pheromones and communication chemicals) to aggregate together for spawning (breeding) and feeding, and determining how these molecules are used in detecting and avoiding predators with an overall aim of developing biocontrol methods for a sustainable future. My work is focused on identifying the secreted molecules from the neural system and understanding the molecular basis of communication in this Coral reef pest. 

Through my PhD I have had the opportunity to present at conferences and compete in science communication competitions for which I have won significant funding to attend an international symposium for chemosensory sciences and present my findings as a representative of Australasia this June in Tokyo, Japan!

With my Doctorate set to be completed in 2018, I am excited to see where the next couple of years lead me as a scientist and which exciting parts of the world I will be lucky enough to experience -and I look forward to the honouring experience of crossing paths with other likeminded young professionals pursuing their dream careers!


Sydney: Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is a FREE festival that you won’t want to miss! The 23 day festival is based in Sydney’s CBD and really brings Sydney to life! Through light art and music, Sydney is transformed into the world’s largest outdoor art gallery! The event runs from 27 May – 18 June.

Further info for the event here:









Melbourne: Winter in Fed Square

Winter has begun and what better way to celebrate winter than spending a night at Federation Square. Experience a night of excitement and entertainment! You will have the opportunity to get your skates on and enjoy the beautiful views of Melbourne whilst ice skating on the only outdoor ice rink in the city centre! Art, Music and performances are also part of the vibrant program. It will be on everyday from 1 June – 17 July. 

For more info about this event click here:







Brisbane: City Sounds - Maja

Experience FREE live music! Don’t miss the opportunity to go watch one of Brisbane’s very talented up and coming soul musicians! Maja will entrance you with her powerful vocals and leave you mesmerised and wanting more! Don’t miss out, head down to Post Office Square on June 9! Thursday 9 Jun, 12:00PM - 2:00PM – Post Office Square

More information about this free event here:








Located on Tasmania’s Eastern Coast, the Freycinet National Park has a wild range of natural assets such as the pink granite peaks, some white sandy beaches and many exotic birds… There are many options for short walks or long treks available that allow you to enjoy the beautiful wild life and to truly experience the park. The Hazards Mountains look amazing especially at sunrise and sunset with their pink granite glowing! The perfectly curved beaches of the park are great places for some kayaking, swimming or just lazing!



The capital of Tasmania is also the biggest city of the island, and one of the most popular places in Australia for visitors. This growing city is a unique combination of the 19th and 21st centuries’ style.  The peaceful harbour packed with yachts and fishing boats contrasts with the active arts scene, the vibrant nightlife and the leisurely daytime.  Mount Wellington is a perfect spot for some mountain biking and bushwalking. The views are stunning and reflect the wilderness of Tasmania whilst overlooking the booming city.


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