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Work Meetings

Meetings are a part of all work places. Whether you hate them or you love them, meetings are essential to the productivity of a business. Here are 6 of the best ways to approach a meeting.

 1. Assigned work at the last meeting? DO IT!

Never, ever, walk into a meeting unprepared. Whatever was assigned to you in the last meeting, or even during regular work hours, make sure you organized your time well enough that you were able to get it done.

2. Read the room

Meetings can have several purposes for the business. Read the room to see what kind of meeting you are stepping into. Think about what you are going to say before you say it. Use your judgement as to whether it is an appropriate time for you to speak, and make sure to remain professional at all times.

3. Cater to different personalities

Everyone is different. We all learn and comprehend in unique ways. Make sure to adapt to the people around you, giving all a chance to speak. Allow soft-spoken associates the chance to interject, or directly include them by asking for their opinion. For the associates who dominate the discussion, don’t interrupt, let them finish, and then practice getting your viewpoint across confidently and model being generous and interested in what all have to say.

4. Keep things interesting

Asking questions, activities, and jokes can keep the meeting engaging and interesting. Try to make people laugh – when appropriate.

5. Your calendar is your friend

When you are assigned a task, make sure to write it down and put it in your calendar! Keep track of everything and stay organized for the next meeting or the next time your supervisor asks for an update.

6. Take written notes

You should always bring a copy of the agenda, but also bring a pen and take detailed notes. When using a computer, your colleagues can think you are distracted or doing something else. A pen and paper is classically the best way to take notes. It shows you are engaged and listening. Write down the important topics discussed, so you can listen and not miss key information, and then add more detail later. Make sure to not doodle or get distracted. This can look unprofessional.

Apply these tips to your next meeting and you will see successful results!

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1 July 1851

Victoria separates from New South Wales

3 July 1850

Work begins on the first NSW railway line from Sydney to Parramatta

8 July 1904

Sydney's electricity supply is officially switched on

10 July 1852

New South Wales sees the first public demonstration of electric lighting, to honour the marriage of the Prince of Wales.

12 July 1971

The Australian Aboriginal flag is flown for the first time.

21 July 1858

Adelaide and Melbourne are linked by the first intercolonial electric telegraph line.

29 July 1938

The 'Territory for the Seat of Government' becomes the Australian Capital Territory.

31 July 1900

Western Australia votes to join the Commonwealth of Australia


Meiti Valentina


Age:   22

Field: Food & Beverage

Location: Tangalooma

Nationality:  Indonesian


Why did you choose to complete an Internship?

Whether an internship is paid, for academic credit, unpaid or not-for-credit, it doesn't change its value. For me, Internships are an investment in my future. By doing an internship I gain real world experience, it gives me the opportunity to gain hands-on training in a professional environment. It also gives me the opportunity to expand my networking, which is so important in the hospitality industry.  I can also learn how to communicate in a professional way. Completing an Internship will help me to build my resume and make it even stronger because employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume or lacking experience.     

What have you learned the most during your internship?

Time management is the most important thing that I have learned during my internship. I have learned how important time management is in the real world, how every minute counts and worth the penny. By knowing how to manage my time, I feel that I can be more efficient in my workplace. I also learned about teamwork, where teamwork is a crucial thing in food and beverage industry. When we work together as a good team, we will achieve a good result from the customers, and when there is a happy customer, it will just simply makes me happy and make my day.


What benefits do you feel AI contributed to your internship and time in Australia?

AI is really helpful to my internship and my time in Australia. They always helped me and gave me support from the beginning until the end of the internship programme.  Australian Internships also helped me to keep on the right track, they always give me a better solution for every problem. For me, chose AI for my internship career in Australia was the best choice that I've ever made because they really find the best workplace for me as well. By came along to do my internship from AI, it gave me a chance to be trained as a leader and supervisor which is good for my future career.


 What advice would you give future interns?

Make friends as much as you can, travel every site of Australia, and don't forget to learn about the history! While you're in Australia, you have to make lots of friends and learn about their cultures either from Australians or any foreigner. Every single city in Australia has different things to see! From the buildings, the weather, and also the lifestyle. Then the history, this is a must thing to know and learn! I learned so many histories about Australia from the history of Aboriginal people until the famous Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly! Last but not least, don't you forget to try Vegemite!


What do you enjoy most about Australia?

I could say that traveling is one of my passions. I love to see different things and this is what I like about Australia! Australia offers me so many new things to see and experience. As I am working on the beautiful island called Moreton Island which is the 3rd largest sand island in the world, it gives me an unforgettable experience, and I am really in love with the beaches. I became friends with so many people from different nationalities and Australia just simply gives me a whole new perspective about everything! I also love the diversity in Australia, where everyone always respects each other's culture. I could say that Australia is my favourite country so far!


Rachael Bromage




Like most Australians, I love to travel. I try to holiday overseas at least once a year and I am always planning my next adventure.  I've been to Asia, USA, Mexico and Europe but I am still yet to see a lot of things in my own backyard!  I also have a love of food and not just any food but dishes that have been created so that every element on that dish explodes with flavour and textures in your mouth. I guess you could say my love of travel and food has originated from my time in the hospitality industry and the opportunities I had to dine the hotel’s restaurants and stay with the hotel’s sister properties at home and abroad.


How would you describe your work?

As the Hospitality Program Manager, I source internships for students and recent graduates in either the Food and Beverage, Kitchen or Front Office Departments of hotels and resorts across Australia. I have a hospitality and human resources background, so I have developed relationships with key contacts in the industry over the years, which is beneficial to facilitating placements. 


What do you like the most about your work?

The people and success stories. Having experienced working in the hospitality experience myself, I know and understand that it takes dedicated and committed people to become true hospitality professionals. So to be able to find placements for young professionals who have that energy in them already is a real delight!

Your message to the interns

If you demonstrate your enthusiasm, professionalism and drive in everything you do, you can be a future leader in the industry you are passionate about.

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Journey back in time millions of years when mammoths roamed the earth and meet Lyuba, an intact 42,000-year-old baby woolly mammoth on her first trip Down Under from Siberia.

Find more information here.



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Good Food Month Brisbane


Good Food Month presented by Citi returns to Brisbane in July with three incredible featured events including a flavour-packed Pasta Party, Young Chefs Lunch, a surf ‘n turf like never before and the much-loved Night Noodle Markets.

Find more information here.





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Whisky, Wine and Fire


The festival will take over Caufield Racecourse the weekend of July 19-22, and there will be heaps of awe-inspiring fire displays in the fire garden.

Find more information here


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the festival will boast over 300 events across nearly 60 venues, offering something for everybody's musical taste.

Find more information here.

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Rottnest Island


Rottnest is a small island just a ferry ride from the mainland. It has 63 stunning beaches where you can hike, surf, fish and explore beautiful landscapes. The island is also home to the biggest colony of Quokkas, a nocturnal mammal that is very cute! A must see!



Karijini National Park


This is the Western Australia's second largest park, located approximately 1400km north of Perth. The park is full of picturesque landscapes: waterfalls and rock tunnels and pools, and plenty of picnic and camping areas.



Cable Beach


Cable Beach is world famous for its 22 kilometres of pristine white sand, and renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is also famous for its iconic camel rides and beautiful sunsets.

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