At any stage in your career it is important to set yourself goals. These goals should be SMART – specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, timely. To help you get started in setting your goals, we broke each letter down.

Specific – Define your goals. Make sure they are clear and precise. A great tip is to consider who, what, where, why and how you will achieve your goals. Who is going to help you achieve the goal? What are you going to accomplish? Where will it be accomplished? Why are you setting this goal? How are you going to achieve it? 

 Measureable – When setting objectives and defining goals it is important to determine how you will measure your goals. You should ask yourself, can I measure the outcome? If the answer is yes, you are on the right track – define how you will do this! If the answer is no, you might want to go back to the first step and refine your goal as it might be too broad; try breaking down the pieces, you could break out what you thought was one goal into multiple objectives.

 Achievable – Will you be able to accomplish your goal? Your target should be reasonable and not out of reach. To help determine this, define how you will accomplish the goal – if you are unable to, it might not be the right goal to set.

 Relevant – Goals you set should be relevant. They should be worthwhile, relevant and meet your needs. Is your goal consistent with your career plans or other goals you have set? If there is no relevance to your goal, is it really worth your time? Make sure your goal is worth the time you will take to complete it and that it fits with you short and long term plans.

 Timely – Put a time limit on your goals. It can be long term, but place a time for different steps you will take in order to accomplish the goal. Give yourself exact dates to complete steps (day/month/year), not just approximations (a few weeks, a month) – this will help prompt you to complete your goal on time and help you with your time management.


July 1, 1851:

Victoria separates from New South Wales.

July 10, 1862:

Harvey Ball, inventor of the Smiley face, is born.

July 20, 1969:

Australia's radio telescope at Parkes transmits the first pictures of the Apollo 11 moon walk.

June 31, 1900:

Western Australia votes to join the Commonwealth of Australia.

Henrique Bittencourt Da Silva


Age: 26

City: Brisbane, Queensland

Nationality: Brazilian


Why did you decide to do your internship in Australia?
I have chosen to complete an Internship while living overseas in order to make my time in Australia worth. I got bored of working in hospitality field and also, I felt that I had enough potential for working in the same field I was working in Brazil. I know that it would be a difficult way to get in but I was starving for this kind of experience.




What made this experience unique and special?
During my internship, what I have learned the most was the differences between Brazilian and Australian business environment. I mean, back in Brazil, easily we find a competitive and challenging business environment, full of stress and concerns. In Australia, I realized that the business environment is much more relaxed and friendly. I feel that was the best experience, because I could mix my knowledge I learned in Brazil, in a nice and smooth business environment. I am pretty sure that was due to that I could create a better relationship with my work colleagues and my bosses and then get an official position as a Volvo intern when my contract with AI has finished.

How has this experience impacted your future?
The benefits that AI provided to me was the networking sessions. Most of students don’t care about those sessions but my advice is to attend to these meetings. It is an informal and confortable way to get more information and knowledge about different cultures. Coincidently, It is the kind of situation you will find in a such multicultural country as Australia.

What was the highlight of your experience?
What I Like the most about Australia is the mix of cultures you can be related. It is a country which pushes you hard to evolve and gives you the right opportunities if you are ready.

What advice would you offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?
For future interns, my tips would be: enjoy your life overseas as much as you can, expand your network, write down your goals, and go for it! Do not see yourself not evolving.


Adele Pareige-Labare




I am originally from France and before moving to Australia, I had the chance to travel extensively and live in different countries. I have always loved to discover new cultures and get the most from every one of those experiences. At the end of my studies, I decided to undertake an internship in Australia, which turned out to be a permanent job. I have achieved what many of our interns dream about!

How would you describe your work?
I am working in the Marketing department of Australian Internships, which means that I am here to promote all over the world the assets of interning in Australia, but also assess the eligibility of each candidate willing to complete our program.


What do you like the most about your work?
I am in contact with people from every continent and I am learning everyday about new cultures. Working at AI make me want to visit new countries and travel even more. At the same time, I help hundreds of young professionals to achieve their goals and develop their careers in Australia. It is a great feeling to know that I can help them with this journey!

Your message to the interns?
It is hard to leave your home country at first but it is so worth it! A few months abroad can turn out to be the experience of your life and change the perception of your future. It will definitely change your personal and professional life! Every challenge will make you grow and you will, without realising it, becoming the best version of yourself.




The 17th Annual Helpmann Awards is the premier event celebrating Australia’s vibrant live performance industry with sensational performances, celebrity guests and most importantly, the announcement of this year’s prestigious Helpmann Award winners.



Winter Night Market at Queen Victoria Market

Illuminate, fascinate and salivate as the Winter Night Market ignites your Wednesdays like never before. Featuring an exciting new lighting concept by John Fish, a quirky line-up of entertainers, 30 stellar street food stalls, 50 specialty and design stalls, warm drinks, cold beers and raging open fires.



Whale Watching

In migration season, majestic humpback whales swing by South East Queensland on their 10,000km trek to the warm, tropical water up north. Get up close and personal between June and November. 




Darwin Cup Carnival

Cheer until you're hoarse with 20,000 other racing fans as your horse nears the finish on the enduring dirt track of Darwin's Fannie Bay Racecourse.


Parliament House, Canberra


Parliament House is the meeting place of the Parliament of Australia, located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The building was designed by Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp Architects and opened on 9 May 1988 by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia.



National Museum of Australia– Acton


The National Museum of Australia preserves and interprets Australia's social history, exploring the key issues, people and events that have shaped the nation. It was formally established by the National Museum of Australia Act 1980.”