While completing all of your tasks is essential, you may find that some are more important than others which means you need to prioritise them!

1. Understand the importance of order

Be more thoughtful about whether you are undertaking your tasks in the appropriate priority order, and if you are not sure, ask! A properly ordered routine will certainly guarantee you a strong reputation in the minds of your colleagues and manager.

2. Expect the unexpected

Always remember that no matter how organised you might become, anything can happen at any time. Remain calm when unforeseen priority tasks arise, and be flexible enough to attend to any emergency tasks immediately. Try to develop your ability to multi-task as this will make you more flexible in the workplace.

3. Review and prepare

Short moments of reflection are necessary after you finish an urgent task. Get into the daily habit of critiquing your outcome and performance, so that you can improve for next time.


Hello everyone, my name is Yiren (Alice) Feng. I am originally from Shanghai, China. I am a new graduate from Queensland University of Technology last year. I am a passionate and enthusiastic girl. I love travelling, reading and knowing people from different countries.  Currently, I am doing a marketing internship in Brisbane, Australia.


Why did you choose your program?

I think having an internship in Australia can make me know much more about Australian company culture and be much more open-minded. Most importantly, the experience I have gained during internship may make me more competitive in job-seeking market and adapt to my next real job more easily.   

What do you learn from the internship?

I have learnt variety of marketing tasks including managing social media, writing newsletter, proposing marketing campaigns, hosting monthly events, doing marketing research and assisting team to do some other tasks.  Despite the tasks, I have also learnt some soft skills which help me to behave professionally in the working place.  Happily, my host organization always supports me when I am in need.


Advice to other interns:

Love your job and the job will love you.  Do not push yourself too much. Admittedly, the transition from a student to a working adult is hard, but it is an unavoidable process of growth. Be strong, be confident, be open-mined and be the best of yourself.   Enjoy your internship and your life in Australia.   


Name: Rebekah “Bek” Gilchrist

Role: National Manager

Describe yourself in 3 words: Passionate, enthusiastic & strong

Can’t live without: Laughter

Favorite place in Australia: Fraser Island! To me it is paradise on earth! Definitely a must see while you are in Australia!

Favorite Australian Food: Vegemite – don’t knock it until you try it!

Favorite Quote: “Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better” – Maya Angelou

Message to Interns: You only have one chance at life, so make the most of it; live, laugh, love, work hard, travel, meet people, make mistakes & learn from them!


Sydney Festival 

Dates: 7th January to 26th January

Joyful, exciting and forever vivacious- the best time to experience Sydney is in January, when the city is in full celebratory mode. Sydney Festival presents the biggest and best of the world's performing and visual arts. 

From the central business district to Parramatta, Sydney Festival brings to life unique spaces including the Festival Village in Hyde Park, Sydney Town Hall and The Domain, as well as making the most of Sydney's best venues including Carriage works, Riverside Theatres and Sydney Opera House.

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Sunset Sounds 2016 - FREE Concert Series

Dates: 10th January to 24th January

This annual FREE concert series showcases some of Australia's finest award-winning artists in the city's most beautiful parks and gardens.

In addition to the fantastic live music performances, event-goers can also expect a line-up of some of Melbourne's favourite food trucks, including Mr Burger, Bibimbap and Game of Cones ice cream.
Sunset Sounds is a family-friendly event and a fantastic way to embrace the balmy Sunday evenings this January.

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2high Festival       

Dates: 16th January

Time: From 6pm

Locations: Metro Arts, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane City

Over three days in January, Backbone's 2high Festival of Art, Science and Ideas will inject Brisbane's home of independence - Metro Arts - full of music, performance, art and arguments. Backbone's 2high Festival of Art, Science and Ideas is the unofficial official training ground for cultural workers, independent artists and creative leaders.

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The Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage listed 243 kilometres stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford. Built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 and dedicated to soldiers killed during World War I, the road is the world's largest war memorial. You can witness the rugged splendour of the famous 12 Apostles, magnificent rock stacks that rise up from the Southern Ocean on Victoria's dramatic coastline. Have a ride and walk along the coastline.  



Phillip Island is renowned as one of the most consistent and varied surf locations in Australia. It is only 90 minutes from Melbourne. Phillip Island is a unique, world– class destination, with a rich surfing history and a wave for all kinds of weather and abilities. You can see little penguins going home from the beach in Penguin Parade. The Nature Parks provides numerous coastal and bushland walks across Phillip Island, traversing breathtaking beaches, woodlands and wetlands. 


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