Get Organised

When your work life is organised, you are able to be more productive. It might be a little bit hard in the beginning, but once you get organised you can manage your tasks better and identify what is most important in order to achieve your current goals. Without organisation reaching your goals may take time or become challenging.

Build a routine

Create a daily routine and stick to it. Be strict with your time on every task when possible, which will help you to get used to meeting deadlines. A great way to monitor your time management is to set an achievable goal everyday and have a timetable that allows you to manage your time efficiently enough to reach your goal by the end of the day.

Create reminders

Set reminders to make sure you are sticking to your routine, as well as to make sure you can plan ahead for meetings, events and deadlines! It’s also great to use reminders when you have important tasks coming up, it can be a very useful tool as you may not always remember what you have planned or what tasks you need to complete but having a written account of what needs to be managed can refresh your memory and be a great way to monitor your time management!

Break down projects

Break large projects down into mini project phases, and it won’t appear so overwhelming! Creating these small goals means that every time you achieve one you will feel accomplished and stay motivated! To make sure you achieve these small goals on time you should try to make a to do list at the beginning of the day and assign tasks to specific times in the day, this will help you to maintain a good handle on all tasks that you may need to complete!

Eliminate distractions

When you begin a task or project, focus is king so observe and eliminate those things that distract you. It will have a powerful impact on your capacity to be efficient!


Name: Yu Na Lee
Age: 23
Field: Marketing
City: Brisbane
Nationality: Korea
Program: PIP
The reason you choose this program: 
I am Yu Na Lee from Korea. I was a marketing intern for three months.  
The main purpose of choosing this program is improving my resume. In Korea, finding a job is extremely hard and usually the uni students can find a job according to their major. However, I want to work at the marketing field which is not my major. To be hired in the marketing field, I thought I need working experience. That is why I chosen this program.

Suggestions for future interns: 
For the future interns who want to work in Australia, I want to say do not be afraid to ask something you don’t know, and check your understanding.

Your co-workers understand your mistakes and they are generous for that. However, asking and checking is the most important thing to reduce your mistake. They are not irritated by your questions. Furthermore, always prepare notebook and pen when your co-workers want to meet you. If you go to workplace, there are a lot of things which you should learn. At that moment, you will need pen and notebook. Even if you have really good memory, sometimes you forget!

Three things you like the most about Australia: 
Making international friends is the most what I liked after coming in Australia. With them, I can make unforgettable memories. Also, I can improve my speaking by just talking with them.

Fortunately, the company offered me a casual job after my internship. Even now I cannot forget that moment. Sometimes there is so much work to do, but whenever I am busy, I feel like I am a necessary person at company.

Lastly, there are a variety of place to travel in Australia such as Long pine, Dreamworld, islands and so on. I strongly recommend travel to future interns. 



Role: Internship Program Supervisor - Team Leader

I have worked for Australian internships for almost 3 years.  I have truly done it all- from operating rides at a theme park to retail management to working for the New Zealand government. I love the outdoors, keeping physically fit and most importantly travel. In fact, I lived and worked in the United States. Throughout my time at home and overseas, I have gained invaluable knowledge and experiences that have changed my life forever. I whole-heartedly believe in travel and extend my passion and enthusiasm to all of the interns I support.

How would you describe your work?
My role varies a lot. There are many aspects involved for the IPS team and our aim is to ensure that the intern has a great learning experience. I conduct interviews with candidates from all over the world; I assist them in being prepared for host interviews, arrange visa documents and help to get interns ready for their arrival to Australia and their experience in the Australian work place. I would describe my work as exciting, rewarding and fun.


What do you like the most about your work?

Getting to call the intern to advise they have been successful in their interview or that they have received their visa approval and hearing the pure excitement in their voice and knowing that I was a part of that. 

Your message to the interns

Go in with an open mind and don’t compare the experience to anything else. It is new and it is yours!


An exhibition of aboriginal reconciliation

Dates: 28th November 2015 to 13th February 2016

It is FREE to attend the launch event, which will be followed by a live music event. This unique group exhibition will showcase contemporary arts, oral histories, music and stories celebrating the strength and survival of our Aboriginal communities. The exhibition also includes paintings by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Bonnyrigg High School and stories and interviews from local elders. All are welcome to attend this all-ages family-friendly event.

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white night

Dates: 30th February

Time: 7pm - 7am

Embark on a journey of discovery through the heart of Melbourne, with music, food, film, art, and light. The festival is famous for its laser light shows on landmark buildings, its bands and installations. Bring your family and friends and enjoy an urban adventure at Australia’s only all night celebration of culture and creativity. With so much on offer, including exhibitions, street performances, illuminations, film screenings, music, dance and interactive events, there really is something for everyone.  

More information:


Morningside metre market       

Dates: 7th February

Time: From 9am - 2pm

Locations: Wynnum Road and Ison Street

Metre Market is a boutique style market which was founded in 2015 by two local Brisbanites who were looking at ideas to clear out their wardrobes and make some money as well. Vendors wishing to sell their wares need to register for a metre or two of space and turn up on the day with their wares. The markets are interesting to walk around, and have free entry!

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Litchfield National Park is just an hour-and-a-half drive from Darwin and features a myriad of diverse environments including rugged sandstone escarpments, perennial spring-fed streams, monsoon rainforest, magnetic termite mounds, waterfalls and historic ruins. Must do: Jump in a four-wheel drive and discover the dramatic splendour of Tjaynera (Sandy Creek) Falls, Blythe Homestead Ruins and the weathered sandstone columns of the Lost City. View the spectacular double waterfall of Florence Falls set amid the monsoon forest - 160 steps lead down to the plunge pool. Cool off at Buley Rockhole, a series of cascading waterfalls and rock holes located just 80 metres from the carpark. Visit Wangi Falls, one of the park's best swimming and picnicking spots.

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Kata Tjuta, formerly called "the Olgas", is the second major feature and attraction of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and it is about 460 km south west of Alice Springs by road. It consists of 36 steep sided monoliths, which, just like Uluru, look most impressive at sunrise and sunset. At the end of the short walk to the Kata Tjuta dune viewing area you can sit and take in the magnificent panoramic view of the domes.

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