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Adapting to a new task schedule can be hard, especially if you are new to the role. But, there is a way to get the most out of your time at the internship, and impress your host supervisor as well! The key is managing your time to get your tasks done and show that you are responsible enough to handle bigger and better tasks and projects! Below are some time management tips to start using to your advantage…

  • Create a daily plan and stick to it – so that you know at the start of your day what you need to do and when, this can really help you focus. If unexpected tasks come up and you need to make your plan flexible, this can also help you prioritise your tasks.
  • Make your own deadlines – if your task is due by 11am, have it ready by 10:30 so you can get feedback and make sure it is perfect by the due time. And if you don’t need to change it, you have extra time for other tasks and can show your efficiency!
  • Focus on one task at a time – multitasking is an admirable skill, however it takes years to master not being distracted by thoughts of one project while you are doing another. Focus and get one task done before moving on to the next, and it will be done more quickly.
  • Learn to prioritise – try to learn what you should prioritise early, and when you start working on your own to-do lists make sure that you confirm with your host supervisor that your priorities are in line with the company’s.

There are so many more ways to manage your time, but these are a great way to start!

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1 August 1984

Australian Parliament passes Sex Discrimination Act

2 August 1945

Australian Government announces postwar immigration drive

7 August 1858

First organised game of Australian Rules football

8 August 1907

Rugby league splits from rugby union

21 August 1943

First women elected to Australian Parliament

22 August 1770

Lieutenant James Cook claims east coast of Australia for Britain




Age: 25

Field: Education


Nationality: CHINA


Why did you choose to complete an Internship?

There are two reasons why I chose to complete an internship: the first one is that I wanted to have an overseas study experience, open my horizons, meet new friends and travel. In addition, improve my English speaking skills. The second one is that I think it is a wonderful opportunity for you to have an experience related to your major before your graduation. It can be recorded in your CV, which is helpful for you to find a good job. You will become confident and better after you finish your internship because you will learn more and experience more than before.


What have you learned the most during your internship?

I think the most I have learned is how to communicate with others, how to get along with others. I visited several colleges in Australia, which helped me to have a better understanding about the Australian education and teaching methods, workplace relationship as well. There are some differences comparing with China and some good education methods can be used in China or improve Chinese education methods. Therefore, the internship will help you in your future work. The most important is that I have a good chance to practice my English-speaking skills every day, which makes me feel very awesome.


What benefits do you feel AI contributed to your internship and time in Australia?

I think obtained great benefits from AI, as the chance to have an internship experience in Australia. This chance helped me improve my English communication skills, learn how to develop a good relationship with people at work, and meet new friends. I think AI can help you solve problems and give some internship suggestions for you when you feel confused; your IPS will help you immediately. AI also arrange the intern night once a month, it is a very wonderful chance for all interns to get together and communicate with each other and meet friends, share experiences as well. Therefore, thanks AI for helping me to come here and arranging an internship for me, which let me learn more. I am having a rich and wonderful experience during my internship.


What advice would you give future interns?

I think it is very good opportunity for interns to have an experience in Australia. The first thing is, you need to have a good attitude and proactive communication with other people and during the conversations, you can learn more things. For example, you can share information for local people and gain new information from them, which will help for opening your mind. And the second thing is, you need to write a clear explanation about your expectation which includes the internship and homestay, it is helpful for you and AI when they assist you find an internship and arrange the homestay. And you should have a plan for your internship, make a good use of your internship time in Australia, and every day will be wonderful and valuable.


What do you enjoy most about Australia?

I enjoy the coffee and chocolate in Australia,  which let me feel very excited because I love eating sweets which let me have a good mood. I really love the weather in Brisbane, it is very comfortable environment with fresh and clean air. People are kind, most of them will smile and say hello to me which let me feel close. I also enjoy the meeting with my Japanese friends, we always contact with each other and have a good day in weekend. At the same time, I like to go shopping in the weekend; I enjoy the shopping centre because I can buy some local products for my family and friends.






My name is Keli and I am the Internship Program Manager in Sydney. I have worked for Australian Internships for 4 years and 3 months now and I live in Wollongong NSW very close to the beach. I am very happy and feel graceful to be part of such a fantastic organisation. In my spare time I love to walk to the beach, exercise, shop and travel (I would love to visit the Greek islands and Positano for the second time).


How would you describe your work?
My work is very rewarding especially when we are able to find fantastic internship opportunities for our interns. Although it can be challenging at times I enjoy my work and working within a fabulous team of dedicated professionals who all thrive to work together and achieve collective goals as a team.


What do you like the most about your work?
I like the fact I can in essence change someone life by sourcing them an internship opportunity which can be a stepping stone to their future employment opportunities. So many interns have educational qualifications but  minimal or no hands on experience and an internship allows an intern to experience a real work life experience in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Your message to the interns?
Make the most out of your internship every day you are there as what you put into your internship is what you will gain from the experience. Not only will you meet industry professionals who can help you possibly network, you will gain hands on experience in a real working environment.

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Salsa Wednesdays at ivy

Each week we’ve got some seriously fun dancing for absolutely everyone. Learn the basics with salsa and bachata lessons in the ivy Lounge Bar. 1 lesson is $15 or bring a partner and get 2 lessons for $25, and then show off your moves at Palings.

Find more information here.



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Royal Queensland Show (Ekka)


This iconic show is your greatest chance throughout the year to find out what life on the farm is really about. Attracting about 400,000 visitors from across the country each year, the Ekka offers over 300 activities including animal adventures, rides, live music, showbags, cooking demonstrations, family shopping, children entertainment, monster trucks, fireworks displays and much more!

Find more information here.





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Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF)


The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is a film-lover's paradise. See international premieres, red carpet glamour and the best local, national and international cinema.

Find more information here


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CinefestOZ Film Festival


CinefestOZ Film Festival is a festival set against the stunning backdrop of Western Australia's iconic South West region.

It is an annual event and celebrates great films. It incorporates some of Australia's most beautiful areas and the world-class Margaret River wines and gourmet fresh foods.

Find more information here.

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Freycinet National Park


Located on Tasmania’s Eastern Coast, the Freycinet National Park have a wild range of natural assets such as the pink granite peaks, some white sandy beaches and many exotic birds… There are many options for short walks or long treks available that allow you to enjoy the beautiful wild life and to truly experience the park. The Hazards Mountains look amazing especially at sunrise and sunset with their pink granite glowing! The perfectly curved beaches of the park are great places for some kayaking, swimming or just lazing!





The capital of Tasmania is also the biggest city of the island, and one of the most popular places in Australia for visitors. This growing city is a unique combination of the 19th and 21st centuries’ style.  The peaceful harbour packed with yachts and fishing boats contrast with the active arts scene, the vibrant nightlife and the leisurely daytime.  Mount Wellington is a perfect spot for some mountain biking and bushwalking. The views are stunning and reflect the wilderness of Tasmania whilst overlooking the booming city.



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