How many times in an interview have you been asked, “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” Plenty, right? That question must be important since it is asked so often. Have you ever stopped to really think about it? Well now is the time!

For starters, you need to consider some aspects about yourself like:

  • What are some things you do daily?
  • What are your values?
  • What task makes you happiest while working?
  • What task frustrates you the most while working?
  • How do you respond to different types of situations?

Writing the questions with their answers down will help you to start to analyse yourself. It is also a good idea to ask a friend or a loved one if they agree with what you said and what their thoughts are. Sometimes they see something that you do not.

Knowing your strengths is important because your strengths are what sets you apart. Knowing your weaknesses is even more important because it makes you aware of what you need to improve on so you can make them your strengths.

When you have identified some of your weaknesses, reach out to someone who you think has these as strengths and talk to them about it, observe, and soak it in. Once you have more knowledge, put it into practice and begin the process of making yourself the best candidate for any job. 


August 1, 1949:

The Snowy Mountains Authority comes into being, initiating Australia's greatest feat of engineering in the 20th century.

August 10, 1844:

Charles Sturt sets out on his final expedition to search for an inland sea in Australia.

August 20, 1860:

Australian explorers Burke and Wills commence their expedition to cross the continent from south to north.

August 31, 1997

The township of Stuart in the Northern Territory is renamed Alice Springs.

Kedar Bodiwala - Hospitality


Name: Kedar Bodiwala 

Age: 25

Field: Hospitality 

City: Canberra,ACT

Nationality: INDIAN 


Why did you decide to do your internship in Australia?

Since I've engage my self with hospitality industry which has great influence of multi culture people, guest and workforce However dealing with someone who doesn't belong to your culture is always been slight challenging.There are many reason for choosing Australia. it has been favorite destination for million of tourist from all over the globe.
Australia is one of the largest country surrounded by lots of island around and also has a great stand in world economy. Australia is blessed with wide and super natural landscape beauty as well as pleasant beaches.




Hospitality is one of the largest growing industry in Australia and i believe that it will have great future ahead by creating jobs, providing services to government and tourists. people of Australia has great sense of art, despite of being advanced technology country, Art has equally importance in the country, in addition it has great cultural values & norms. All of these makes Australia impeccable. i like traveling, spending time with nature and art also, all of these i can assume that i could enjoy by living in Australia.

What made this experience unique and special?
Learning is a part of daily life. My experience with colleague is one of the best work experience though, I've worked before in large companies but this one is extremely stunning. Working with Australia's top hospitality group is an amazing experience in addition to that, co-workers, colleague and superior are very kind and helpful. Professional side, I've learned many managerial skills which I've not even tried before due to lack of opportunity, skills like team building, managing staff, Time management, Training in individual and operation cost, besides that improved my communicative skills, technical knowledge and also polished my skills by practicing each day.Thanks to my manager and supervisor who believed in me and my got my potential hence they always give me high task to manage. when you do something first time which you've not done before that is challenging and big thing is my bosses always support me. As a whole it is unique experience by working with multicultural team and extremely supportive team.

How has this experience impacted your future?
To make my career profile bright and strong ,certainly this experience will be very helpful for meCurrent work experience has greatimpact on my resume as well as my career path moreover for bright future and better workplace it is going to propose many opportunity. i have develop many high level managerialskills at my current work place that will help me and my employer in many ways. Multi culture work force will definitely help for future correspond. Overseas work experience is well demanding at home country that would surely work.

What was the highlight of your experience?
When i decided to move to Australia , i studied about all the visa procedure first and by deep investigation i found AI and started my correspond with my AI Supervisor. interviews and all the procedure were quick.
One my first day , overall induction and orientation of the property and company. Met all the staff member they were very welcoming and supportive. Very next day started my job ,met 3 nationality people one first day , WOW....what a great start!! . gradually started performing my skills and got appreciated for that. After considering my self as important team member, management gave me a few responsibility which i have been performingadequately thoughmanagement gave me more responsibility which i have to perform well in any condition. that was a great gain in career.Second thing, along with these i went to many local events and shows whichrepresented art, music , movies , food and culture which i enjoyed a lot. to give my self a little change i have visited some of the tourist attraction like "Blue Mountain", Wine yards and" Truffle Mushroom" farms and Sydney. so far it is a great pleasure to be here and understanding people and culture along with exploring life at fullest.

What advice would you offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?
Australia is a beautiful country with amazing people. it is worth living here and giving life a new chance to connect with different people on different place.You won't even realize how time passes. Working with great people will surely enrich your stay here. things are so easily accessible around, user friendlyand very easy going if you seek for any kind of help or suggestion , information and directions are available every where, so easy. it is well economically balanced country so your earnings and spendingcould be certainly manageable.

Lots of tourist attraction plus variety of cultural events will not make you bore. Complement of various birds, nature and animal surely make your stay stunning.


Kirsty James - Enquiry Officer




I am originally from Korea and have been very lucky to work in different fun field in Australia, Tourism, Hospitality, Conference & Events for the last 20 years. It was hard to start as you can imagine but now I'm really enjoying my life with people who I love and thing what I love to do.    

How would you describe your work?
I may be the first contact from the people who wish to look at an opportunity to be an intern, introducing the program, answering the questions and helping candidates join the program.


What do you like the most about your work?
My daily life at work is like reading different storybooks written by thousands different people, so it's never get board to talk and listen to people who wants to open their new chapter. I'm always excited that I may take a small role to help them to have a turning point in their lives to be whatever they want to be in the future.  Also we have a great team there that I really enjoying being with to put altogether for the best result for the candidates.

Your message to the interns?
Open you mind then you will see more than what you think you can see, and don't be afraid of facing with anything approaching to your life - It happens only once in your lifetime and may not coming again.



The Titanic  

Titanic The Exhibition, arrives in Sydney for the first time ever from April 8! 
Journey into the heart of the Titanic and experience the world's largest and most comprehensive exhibition about this iconic ship. Immerse yourself in the moving tale of Titanic’s first and final voyage and experience the sights, sounds and stories as if you were on the ship.



Docklands Winter Glow festival

In winter, Docklands doesn’t hibernate - it glows. It glows with amazing artwork that lights up the street, progressive dinners at favourite local restaurants, inspiring discussions from iconic Melburnians and wondrous workshops. Join us for the inaugural Docklands Winter Glow festival and spark your imagination.



Comedy Night

Fridays just got funny at Brisbane Powerhouse. If you’ve been a fan of our comedy on Sundays, we encourage you to knock off early for a chance to start your weekend with a good laugh and a cold beer. A variety of local and Australian comedians will be bringing you the best one-liners, hilarious stories and side-splitting observations every Friday.





As part of the Cairns Regional Councils Active Living Program, Topknot Climbing provides this free weekly climbing activity at the Boulder Park situated on the scenic Cairns Esplanade. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing, mainly performed at low height. We provide an instructor, chalk & shoes. 


Litchfield National Park


Litchfield National Park is just an hour-and-a-half drive from Darwin and features a myriad of diverse environments including rugged sandstone escarpments, perennial spring-fed streams, monsoon rainforest, magnetic termite mounds, waterfalls and historic ruins.


Must do: Jump in a four-wheel drive and discover the dramatic splendour of Tjaynera (Sandy Creek) Falls, Blythe Homestead Ruins and the weathered sandstone columns of the Lost City. View the spectacular double waterfall of Florence Falls set amid the monsoon forest - 160 steps lead down to the plunge pool. Cool off at Buley Rockhole, a series of cascading waterfalls and rock holes located just 80 metres from the carpark. Visit Wangi Falls, one of the park's best swimming and picnicking spots. Find out more here


Kata Tjuta-The olgas, Australia


Kata Tjuta, formerly called "the Olgas", is the second major feature and attraction of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and it is about 460 km south west of Alice Springs by road. It consists of 36 steep sided monoliths, which, just like Uluru, look most impressive at sunrise and sunset. At the end of the short walk to the Kata Tjuta dune viewing area you can sit and take in the magnificent panoramic view of the domes. Find out more here