Organisational skills are one of the most important professional skills you can develop. Companies are constantly on the lookout for organised and capable professionals. Organisation is a highly desirable skill for job seekers of all ages. Whether it is through colour coding, post-it-notes, online calendars, physical folders, there are a million small tips and tricks to stay organised. 

Physical Organisation: Having good physical organisation is important to success. This doesn’t mean that you have to have the most organised desk or work station at all times, but making a point to clean up the clutter once a week can make a big difference. Building a habit of throwing away old paper and cleaning up the supplies you have will ultimately help your overall organisational skills.

Mental Organisation: This is often the most difficult aspect of organisation. It is best to prioritize and make to-do lists if you want. These things can help you keep on track with all of your projects. Figure out how you work the best, whether that’s by multi-tasking or focusing on one project until it’s complete. Everyone works differently, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself working differently than your colleagues; if it works for you and help keeps you organized, that’s okay.

Time Management: Good organisational skills are all about making good use of your time. Becoming more efficient in your tasks will help you get work done more effectively. Keeping a calendar of all meetings and even scheduling time to work on certain projects can help with your time management. Managing your time well will round out your organisational skills and help you land the role you want!


5 April 1979:

Kakadu National Park is proclaimed

9 April 1903:

Australian navy ship HMQS Gayundah, previously involved in a mutiny on the Brisbane River, transmits the first wireless message received from a ship at sea to an Australian wireless station

14 April 1870:

Gold is discovered near the present-day town of Gulgong, sparking a major gold rush

19 April 1984:

Australia adopts Green and Gold as its national colours

25 April 1896:

South Australian women become the first in Australia to vote in an election

30 April 2006:

Two Tasmanian miners are found alive after being trapped underground for five days.

Jessika Cristina Goltara Cruz


Age: 23

City: Gold Coast, Queensland

Nationality: Brazilian


Why did you decide to do your internship in Australia?
I was looking for international work experience in an English speaking country. But finding an internship by contacting the company directly can be very difficult sometimes, then I heard about Australian Internships and that they organise everything for you. Choosing AI to help me in this process was the best thing I did and also Australia is one of the largest economies in the world, with a great market in civil engineering. Have the opportunity to work in a country so well known for its great economy, high technological development, high quality of life is life-changing. Not to mention the wonderful beaches and cities.


What made this experience unique and special?
Having the opportunity to participate in a program like this was one of the most enriching experiences I've had in my life. On the professional side, I was able to work on a project I had never worked on before. An incredible project where I could learn so many new and interesting things, besides improving my English and learning the technical terms. I had the best supervisor I could imagine, always teaching me new things, giving me high level tasks such as commercial communication and also giving me exposure to complex bridge works including marine works and post tensioning works. On the personal side, I was able to meet so many different places and people that I will never forget and most importantly, I got to know myself better.

How has this experience impacted your future?
This experience will certainly open many doors in the job market for me. Doors that would not be easy to reach without this opportunity. The Brazilian labor market is very competitive, and I want to compete with the best and to do that is necessary to have a good curriculum. For sure this experience will put me in a prominent place in my search for a job. And also when you live abroad you know people from cultures and styles totally different from yours. The fact of relating to so many different cultures will certainly help me in future professional and daily relationships.

What was the highlight of your experience?
I remember that before I started the internship program, when I was still at home in Brazil, despite all the enthusiasm of living this new experience, I was also very scared of all this. I, a 23-year-old girl who had just graduated, with little experience in the job market, would be about to start working for a company abroad in a whole new project, and everything would be in a different language. I definitely had butterflies in my stomach. But I gathered all the courage I had and put it inside my luggage and here I am. It is certainly not an easy experience, you face a new challenge every day. And now that I'm almost at the end of this internship program, the feeling I have is that from now on I'll be able to cope with anything. After going through all this experience here in Australia, I know that I will be able to overcome any challenge that is in front of me. I look at my future and even without knowing what to come I know that I will be able to face anything, and this is one of the best feelings I have ever had in my life. Another factor that I think is worth highlighting are the people who cross your path. People who make this whole journey possible. I will take with me all the friendships I have made here.

What advice you would offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?
It is certainly a worthwhile experience. Getting out of our comfort zone is not always an easy thing, but once done, is very rewarding. Bring with you all your enthusiasm and dedication. Hard work always pays off. Australia is an amazing country with amazing people.


Alyssa Wickline


Age: 24
City: Brisbane
Nationality: American



I’m originally from the US and have been interning for about 6 months on a Marketing Team. I love the relaxed lifestyle that Australian’s have and hope to bring that with me no matter where I’m living.

How would you describe your work?
Diverse! In the Marketing Team, I’m able to work on a variety of different things. It keeps the work exciting, fresh and the days are never the same; I love that every day I can work on something new.

What do you like the most about your work?
I love that it’s always changing. There are always new ways of doing things and there’s plenty of room to get creative to what works best. My favourite part of my work is looking at results and brainstorming with the team on ways to improve based on that data. 

Your message to the interns?
Don’t give up! It can be hard to get into the industry you want, especially in another country. If you put your all into your work and are continuously trying to improve your skills and knowledge, there is no doubt that you will meet your goals in no time!




Sydney Royal Easter Show

They Sydney Royal Easter show is a great way to spend your long weekend on Easter. The show celebrates Australians culture while joining together every year at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. For fourteen days you can see agricultural competitions, animal experiences, live entertainment, carnival fun, shopping and much more. Read more here



melbourne: rip curl pro bells beach

Looking to experience the surfing culture of Australia? The 56th annual Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach surf competition with some of Australia’s best surfers will be competing April 12th-24th and Bells Beach. This beach has become a rite of passage for World Surf Athletes to compare against themselves and fellow surfers for an opportunity to ring the bell. Read more here



bRISBANE: Feel good program  

Located in the heart of Southbank at the Stanley Street Lawns, Medibank Feel Good Program has decided to put on FREE fitness classes all throughout the week for the next couple of months. Classes range from Zumba, Pilates, yoga, and more! No need for reservations. Just show up and jump in! Check out their website for the dates. Read more here




Fraser Coast: Sunday Riverside

This is a great place to relax if you’re on a budget, but want to have some free entertainment. You can relax by the river and enjoy free live music at Sunday Riverside. There are giant lawn games and fun activities which are perfectly accompanied by restaurants serving wood-fired pizza, coffee, and of course drink services. Read more here



Blue Mountains National Park presents an astounding and unique landscape to its millions of visitors. The terrain ripples and folds, a world of canyons, gorges and bizarre rock formations, with golden sandstone breaking through a dense canopy of greenery. Waterfalls cascade magically from cliff faces and a mystical blue haze hangs in the air. The park is immensely rich in natural and cultural history.




The Bondi to Coogee Walk extends for 6 Kilometres in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. On this walk you will see stunning views, beaches, parks, cliffs, bays, and rock pools. There are vast array of options of things to do while on this walk. Including, but not limited to: tan, swim, surf, hike, be an amateur photographer, work out at the random outside gym areas, rest at the rest stops, and have an amazing time. There are plenty of places to eat along the walk, so you will never go hungry. The best of all: IT’S FREE!