Mayibongwe Keith - IT Computing & Design (Zimbabwe)

"I have made a lifetime of beautiful memories, met good and interesting friends and acquaintances along the way. that have taught me invaluable lessons both in my professional and personal life. Have gained invaluable connections that I can always count on, in future.  

Honestly it was seeing the beach for the first time, amazing view. I will have that picture for the rest of my

Sowjanya - IT Networking (India)

"Australia is a good place to live, learn and enjoy life. People are friendly and always helpful. Personally, now I am more confident. Professionally, received good training and improved my technical knowledge. Academically, got a chance to design my career. I have received good training, learned a lot and made some awesome friends."


"I found I am capable to participate in the program in the beginning of Term 3, first year, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to extend my learning and working experiences in Australia. My English improved a lot during the time working with local people. I had IELTS 6.5 before the internship, and now I got 7.

Thanks to AI, I could work with this company in Brisbane which is an excellent place for working. Everyone here are nice and friendly, and they are willing to help me with anything. And I got a paid job because of the internship program.

My advice for future interns i: do your best during the internship, perhaps you'll get a formal job because you have a good working attitude."

Akashdeep - Networking (India)

"Australian internships gave me a great platform to learn and to gain knowledge. I admire the way they are quick in response, treat the interns’ requirements as their top priority and make things as easy as a cake walk. This program has helped me progress a lot. Beyond that, I know I have a clear vision and improved focus now. I'd like to add that Australian Internships delivers much better experience and exposure than I expected. 
I'm learning new technology and new hacks for IT-networking. Working with the Directors straightway and sitting in meetings give me the experience that is incomparable. Apart from Academics, it is important to have an open mind-set and awareness to understand and grasp new things, new cultures, different people, foods and their slang. Believe every morning when I wake up, I feel inspired and all boosted because I know I'm living another day and I'm going to learn something new today."


Manoel - Software Development (Brazil - Science Without Borders)

“Interning here was a huge boost for my academic and professional life. I was able to work with state of the art technology and people from all around the world with all kinds of academic backgrounds. 
The experience I gained solving exciting challenges related to Computer Vision and Software Development, and the huge amount of contacts I made, will certainly make a difference in my future.”


Peter - Database (USA)

"My university offered me to intern abroad in Australia as a part of my studies. Being on my own half way across the world and having to mature as an individual made this experience unique and special. I believe that I have become much more professionally diverse with a new outlook on how international businesses operate.

I would definitely recommend it as the experience really taught me about not only Australian cultures but also cultures from all over the world through the people I met."