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In this month's spotlight are The Host Organisation Debt Fix and the IT Intern Shirin. Check it out!

Effective methods, tools and advice for you to increase your capacity

Doing more with less is increasingly difficult these days, isn’t it?

To help you with this challenge, the blog SnackNation published an article last month with 25 tips to improve your productivity at work and we’ve taken the most interesting ones for you!

In our opinion, the most attractive feature of this piece is the personal tips from the author, Emil Shour. 

Emil is a specialist in creating atmosphere in the workplace and in his blog, we can find a lot of tips on how to create an awesome environment in our own workplace. It is definitely a good idea for you to follow his articles.

Emil believes productiveness is a combination of many factors not only in your workplace but also in your personal life too.

Between regular tips such as creating a list with all our personal goals for the day, he shares some apps that can help us to manage our time. One of these is Boomerang, which works together with your Gmail, administrating all your emails and helping you not miss out on any dead lines. 

Another very interesting one that we already know of is Evernote (We love this one!). With Evernote, you can sync in the cloud and you can access your notes from your computer or mobile app. You can also save pictures and voice-recorded messages as notes, breaking for subject, very useful! You can find more information here

Emil encourages everyone to do regular exercise. We already know this is healthy, but an article from Brain HQ reveals that exercising can significantly reduce stress hormones whilst also increasing growth factors in the brain necessary for new neuronal connections – greatly improving productivity! Our food can also interfere with mental efficiency, as our bodies need much more time to digest junk food than they do for healthy food. Bottom line, eat clean!

Another piece of advice he offers is that remote work can help you to get more done in less time, escaping all the noise in the office environment.

To inspire you to start practising this routine, he proposes that you read every morning. His personal experience has shown that we can get our mind in the right place to be productive at work by reading for about 15-30 minutes. Books on business, psychology, behavioural economics and personal development are the subjects that he has found which boost his creativity and inspiration the most.

If you would like to access the complete article, click here:



Debt Fix is a company committed to helping people manage their debts.

As Government Registered qualified specialists with over 10 years experience in the industry the Debt Fix Team understands debt, it’s affect on people and what is needed to reduce the stress caused by debt.

Debt Fix encourages better debt management awareness and financial literacy through free tools and one-on-one assessments, free advice and options for people looking for a solution to manage their debts more efficiently.

What is the best thing about having international interns at your organisation?

Debt Fix benefits from hosting international interns in three ways. Firstly, hosting interns is a great way to bring in talented students to contribute to the organisation's goals and mission.


Secondly, interns provide additional support to increase our workforce. Lastly, interns bring with them skills and cultural diversity which are an important element to any dynamic and creative environment, infusing new ideas and methods into the workplace

Do you have any funny stories about an intern you’ve hosted, or an exceptional intern that you’d like to tell us about?

Debt Fix has been fortunate enough to have hosted so many exceptional interns over the years so it’s difficult to identify any one standout. This said, the occasions where Debt Fix have gone on to recruit staff from our internship program stand out as the best possible outcomes. Nothing makes us happier than when we’re able to offer an intern a job beyond their internship.

What do you like about having Australian Internships providing and supporting your interns?

Australian Internships have consistently met the needs of the business by providing interns when required. The quality of graduate has been terrific and the staff at Australian Internships maintain the highest level of professionalism and dedication. Their support has been instrumental in the success of our program and we look forward to a lasting, fruitful relationship  


Australian Internships are pleased to present our ‘Intern of the Month’ Shirin Azizmohammad.

Shirin has recently completed a Masters qualification at the Queensland University of Technology and is a really outstanding applicant! Shirin is currently looking for an IT internship in Brisbane and would be a great support to any team! 

Nationality: Iranian
Field: Information Technology
Duration: 12wks – Full time                   
Start Date: 13-Jun-2016 to 02-Sep-2016 ( Available to commence asap!)
Internship Location: Brisbane

Shirin would like to be involved in some of the following areas:

•    Python development / Ruby on Rails/ JRuby on Rails based back-end development / IOS mobile developer / java /C# development. 
•    She also likes to perform unit and integration testing on developed code and work with testers using ATDD principles and instrument testing.
•    She would also like to gain an experience in Cloud Technology and databases.



Skills and Experience:

•    Recently completed a Masters of Information Technology (Software Architecture) – Queensland University of Technology
•    Has completed a Bachelor of Computer Software Engineering                  
•    Is currently volunteering with Common Ground QLD and Churches of Christ QLD as a Developer
•    Has been involved with some really impressive University projects working directly alongside lecturers
•    12 wks full-time – Immediate start if possible! 
•    Fantastic English skills and very personable – Would fit well within any team and has plenty of knowledge to share! 

Please contact Megan Offord directly to arrange a personal interview at your earliest convenience.


A Shifting Trend In Australian Industry

With the release of the March 2016 Australian jobs data report, a surprising trend has been noted, which many fear indicates a ‘casualisation of the workforce’ Trends show that as full time employment dropped, a dramatic spike occurred in part time employment, particularly in the retail, health care & social assistance, transport & warehousing industries.

Traditionally, part time work has been viewed as less productive and less economically sufficient for industry in comparison to a full time work force, however, emergence of this new data challenges this concept, and here are the figures that indicate why.

Whilst employment in Australia is on the increase, unemployment also continues to rise however the rate at which it does so has drastically reduced, with unemployment figures changing 0.1% (currently sitting at 5.8%) in February 2016. This figure is well ahead of the expected rate of 5.9% originally forecast and is now the lowest rate of unemployment since 2013. Senior economists credit this steady fluctuation to labour force participation and a shift in the Australian industry workforce scheduling that is, the increase in part time employment opportunities.

Reports found that a record 34,900 part time employees have joined the workforce, raising the total to 3.7292 million ‘part timers’ nationally. When breaking down the data to address gender participation, figures show that female employment grew 160,400; comparatively male employment growth rates reached 74,800 nationally. Senior economists balance the productivity of employment based on ‘hours worked’ with an arbitrary 35 hours of work as the delineation between full time and part time. Reports find that “total monthly hours worked per full-time worker are declining but total hours worked per part-time worker are rising”. This trend is changing the way we view the efficiency of part time workers and the value placed on ‘sharing’ hours amongst more staff, often of varying levels of education and experience.

This ‘casualisation’ of the Australian workforce is proving favourable, with more employees working than ever before, in turn resulting in increased pay packets, more spending and an increase in the money flowing through the economy with positive downstream effects on further increases to employment opportunities across Australian industry.



Market in May is holding three pop-up markets in Martin place during the month of May. For the first three Thursdays in May (From 11am to 2pm), you will have the chance to test some gourmet food and watch some live cooking demonstrations.

Thursday 5th May – EQ Village Market

Thursday 12th May – Brewery Yard Markets

Thursday 19th May – Black Markets

More information about the events here:







On the 14th and 15th, celebrate Buddha’s day at Federation square with arts and crafts, cultural performances, wellbeing lectures, cooking demonstrations, blessing ceremonies, interfaith ceremonies, multi-faith concerts and delicious vegetarian Asian food.

More info about this free event here: 




The Australian Football League season has started! What a better Australian experience than going to one of the famous “Footie” games? This typical sport from Australia is a part of the culture, go and support the Brisbane Lions on the 1st, 14th and 28th of May!

More information about the AFL season here:





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