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Communicate clearly

Your intern will most likely be speaking English as a second language, or speak a different dialect of English, so keep in mind that misunderstandings can occur. To get the best out of your intern you need to communicate clearly, and to be understanding if you are asked to repeat the instruction again. Also, providing good communication sets an example for the intern to learn about communicating back to you!

Be approachable

It may be the first time your intern has been in a working environment, and they will encounter unfamiliar situations. Ensure there is trust and openness between you and your intern so that they feel comfortable approaching you with questions, as it will likely save you time later.

Constructive criticism

Interns are expected to make mistakes, especially at the start of the internship, however how a mistake is addressed (especially a big one) can affect an interns’ confidence and ability to move forward in their training. A great method for criticising their mistakes constructively is called the “Sandwich Method”:

  1. First, focus on the strengths — what you like about the item in question
  2. Then, you provide the criticism — things you didn’t like; the areas of improvement
  3. Lastly, you round off the feedback with:
    (a) A reminder of the positive comments you gave first and
    (b) The positive results that can be expected if the criticism is acted upon.

Hotel Jen is in Brisbane, and has hosted 6 of our interns to date in various departments.


What is the best thing about having international interns at your organisation?

There are so many benefits about having international interns at Hotel Jen. For many of our interns, this internship is their first taste of hospitality and hotels and for some, it is their first experience within a work environment. Our interns are able to grow their knowledge of the workplace, their communication skills and their confidence. For our team members, it is certainly a rewarding experience to oversee the growth of our interns whilst developing as better leaders through supervision, delegation and mentorship. It also helps us greatly to appreciate cultural diversity at the hotel and broaden our perspectives in business and personally, as a many interesting stories to share!


Do you have any funny stories about an intern you’ve hosted, or an exceptional intern that you’d like to tell us about?

When we got the call that Keshav (Our I.T Intern) had arrived for his interview, we were notified that "Eh-shav" had arrived. I mentioned this to Bilal (Our I.T Guru) who looked flabbergasted and suggested that the 'K' may have been silent like it is in 'Knife'. To avoid any awkward situations, we rehearsed his name on the way to our interview with him, when we arrived, Bilal cut to the chase and asked how to pronounce his name to which we all enthusiastically participated in pronouncing his name. He let us know that we had pronounced it perfectly. Turns out the 'K' wasn't silent after all!

What do you like about having Australian Internships providing and supporting your interns?

Our collaboration with Australian Internships has been fantastic! Not only has the assistance of our interns aided the efficiency of our team members. Our team members have also been able to commence and complete numerous projects that require involvement from our interns. Australian Internships offers a variety of interns who are looking to gain exposure in their chosen field. They take any worry about the responsibility of meeting the terms of the hosting arrangement by quickly and efficiently dealing with any queries from us as the host, or from the interns directly. In short, we have found the process to be very well administered and supported by Australian Internships.



From: Thailand
Looking for: HR Internship in Sydney
Duration: 16 weeks (4 months) 
Starting: early July

Lalana is seeking exposure to Human Resources and would also be very happy to undertake Administration duties within a Human Resource environment. 

Lalana holds a Bachelor of International Relations, advanced computer skills and has excellent communication skills. Her objectives and  goals of the internship is to gain a better understanding of the Australian work force as well as improve her future career gaols when she returns back to Thailand. 

Lalana is both passionate and well presented and excited to do her internship in Australia, and is available for an immediate skype interview with you!



There has been a major surge in the construction industry across the country with employers desperate for staff amid growing volumes of work. According to Hays Recruitment “This has created a major challenge for construction contractors that have won projects but are now struggling to find the right people to help them do the work.”

“In response, companies are now considering measures they would not have previously. These include considering candidates with no local experience, sponsoring candidates from overseas and even occasionally offering a sign on bonus.”


Fast facts: Chinese visitor spend (Excerpt from Tourism Australia)

  • China is Australia’s most valuable market, with Chinese visitors spending more than $7.7 billion annually. Spend has increased by more than 400 per cent in the past 10 years, from $1.5 billion in 2005 to $7.7 billion in 2015.
  • Year-on-year spending grew 43 per cent in 2015 – double the previous 12 month’s growth rate.
  • Under Australia’s long-term tourism strategy, the value of the China market was originally estimated to be between $7.4 billion and $9 billion a year by 2020. Annual spending has already exceeded the lower end of that original range, and more recent forecasts indicate the market could be worth up to $13 billion.

With major companies across Australia currently looking to other countries for trade exploration, development and investment, having an international intern is a great opportunity to develop networking relationship opportunities in those countries and is certainly viewed favourably by those Governments and Industry networks for future negotiations. Australian Internships have many qualified students coming through our program in various disciplines and from many countries. These university students are often hand picked as the next generation of the Industry leaders in their fields. Whether your target market has evolved from mining opportunities in Brazil or from the influx of Chinese visitors, having qualified staff that understand the culture on a fundamental level and who speak the language and the various dialects provides you with an undeniable competitive edge.

Companies who have no current ties with other nations will also greatly benefit from the program as the interns’ contribution is significant and they undoubtedly add great value to industry!!


From the Sydney Morning Herald JANUARY 28:

Motorists on Australia's east coast are enjoying the cheapest fuel in almost a year and have been urged to fill up their tanks today, before prices spring back up again.
The average price of unleaded petrol was 102.9¢ a litre in Melbourne on Wednesday morning - the lowest since February 2015, according to the RACV - and was as low as 99.9¢ at some bowsers.

Sydney's average price was 101.2¢ a litre, with some service stations pumping at 96.9¢, which was also the lowest price since February, according to the NRMA.
"We've hit the lowest in 12 months and if it went any lower it'd be the lowest in seven years," NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said.

Mr Khoury said despite the Australian dollar falling against the greenback, falling global oil prices were finally being passed on at the bowser.


An exhibition of aboriginal reconciliation

Dates: 28th November 2015 to 13th February 2016

It is FREE to attend the launch event, which will be followed by a live music event. This unique group exhibition will showcase contemporary arts, oral histories, music and stories celebrating the strength and survival of our Aboriginal communities. The exhibition also includes paintings by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Bonnyrigg High School and stories and interviews from local elders. All are welcome to attend this all-ages family-friendly event.

More information:


white night

Dates: 30th February

Time: 7pm - 7am

Embark on a journey of discovery through the heart of Melbourne, with music, food, film, art, and light. The festival is famous for its laser light shows on landmark buildings, its bands and installations. Bring your family and friends and enjoy an urban adventure at Australia’s only all night celebration of culture and creativity. With so much on offer, including exhibitions, street performances, illuminations, film screenings, music, dance and interactive events, there really is something for everyone.  

More information:


Morningside metre market       

Dates: 7th February

Time: From 9am - 2pm

Locations: Wynnum Road and Ison Street

Metre Market is a boutique style market which was founded in 2015 by two local Brisbanites who were looking at ideas to clear out their wardrobes and make some money as well. Vendors wishing to sell their wares need to register for a metre or two of space and turn up on the day with their wares. The markets are interesting to walk around, and have free entry!

More information:


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