Kick Start Your Internship Induction Process

Want to help your intern achieve their full potential during their internship? A great induction will stack all the odds favour of a great internship! Good inductions increase retention and engender a stronger sense of commitment say They also assist increase motivation and are vital in establishing good communication, starting the employee/intern off with the right information and direction to maximise productivity as quickly as possible. Not to mention, a good induction will tick off your legal obligations for training new team members in OH&S. Here are some handy hints from Australian Internships on how to kick start your internship induction process:

Plan Ahead

It is likely that your intern is nervous and excited about their first day – for many candidates, the negotiation and application process takes months so their emotions and expectations are high! A good induction and warm reception to the workplace will help set them at ease and keep their motivation level high. Before your intern arrives, make sure you have planned accordingly; this includes allocating or setting up a suitable workstation, equipment, log in and passwords, uniforms, etc…

Company & Workplace Induction

Interns, as with new staff should be provided with a formal induction to all company policies and procedures and an overview of their role / department. A great tip is to set up a buddy system for the intern with a team member from the same department. Take the time to go through topics such as office culture, dress code, start and finish time, health & safety, business policies, specific business expectations, etc. Remember that for many interns this may be their first time working in an Australian workplace, so be kind and keep in mind that they may have lots of questions.

Role & Department Induction

Although your intern is aware of the nature of the role and an overview of specifics has been outlined in their Training Agreement. Day one is a perfect time to discuss specific department/ role requirements, procedures and reinforce the key accountabilities, relationships and objectives of the role. Setting out key performance objectives from the start, it will ensure that your intern has a clear understanding of what is expected, while also setting the framework for what constitutes success in the role.

Sights, Sounds & Key Players

Introduce interns to key contacts such as managers, supervisors and team members at the beginning of their internship, ensure that their calendar is planned ahead of time and that meetings are scheduled with key people within the organisation who may be important. Show them the sights and sounds of the office by providing them with a tour. Check-in with the interns at the end of the week to gauge their thoughts on the role, while also using the opportunity to provide any pertinent feedback.

Allocate Tasks and Key Responsibilities

Your intern is eager to learn and grow in the workplace! Once the induction is finished, start allocating them with tasks and key responsibilities. Keep them busy (but don’t overload them). Interns are young, dynamic and enthusiastic professionals who want to get their hands dirty in the workplace – allocate tasks and provide training to maximise their experience and your return!


Langports is a boutique English Language College with a difference, based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The school offers specially designed courses that provide international students with a personalised experience; these include General English courses, Cambridge Exam Preparation and Group Tours. Langports also offers additional services such as Homestay, Airport Pickup, Work Ways and Social activities.

What is the best thing about having international interns?
As an English College, we have students from all around the world and we work every day to make sure they have an experience that they will never forget. One of the tasks we always focus on when having an International Intern in our Marketing Team is to create a strong relationship with our students and gather student success stories. The fact that our Interns are also international as our students makes the relationship between the Marketing Team & students stronger and helps increase student’s confidence. At the moment, Ryo Yamamoto from Japan is the Marketing and Communication Intern at Langports.

Tell us about your prior intern success stories: 
Last year we had a Colombian Intern, Sara Lopez, she did three months’ internship in the Marketing Team from August to November and after she finished her internship program successfully, we didn’t want to lose her! Luckily, we needed some help in the Marketing Team so we decided to offer her a casual job that she happily accepted. After few months away, like a boomerang that keeps coming back, Sara returned to Langports’ as the Marketing Department had a vacancy and we decided to offer her a position as the Marketing and Communication Officer. The last 5 months have flown by and we are really happy to have Sara working with us. 

Why work with Australian Internships?
Langports always likes to provide our Interns the best possible experience. To achieve this, Australian Internships play an important role because they provide our Interns the necessary support to help them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Australian Internships’ professional help and support gives us the assurance that we will have great quality Interns.


Meet Mamatha Kolan an IT Intern seeking 10 weeks unpaid commencing immediately in Brisbane 

Mamatha is currently completing a Master of Information Technology (Networks and Information Security) from Central Queensland University (CQU), the internship is a key requirement of her academic program. Mamatha is an outstanding applicant currently looking for an IT internship in Brisbane. She is available for a face to face interview and can commence immediately in Brisbane.

•    Nationality: Indian
•    Field: IT computing & Design
•    Duration:  10 week unpaid internship, Full time ( Monday-Thursday)
•    Start Date: ASAP
•    Internship Location: Brisbane

Skills and Experience:
•    Undergoing a Master of Information Technology,  Central Queensland University (CQU)
•    Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology  
•    Fantastic English skills and very personable – Would fit well within any team and extensive knowledge to share and advanced networking skills and extensive knowledge in  C Programming, C++, Java, MySQL and HTML

Mamatha is passionate and eager to gain experience in networking, software, network administration and system administration. She is open to all internship opportunities, very flexible and would be a great addition to your team! 

Please contact Keli McKenzie directly to arrange a personal interview at your earliest convenience


Manufacturing crucial for innovation and economy

A recently published opinion piece addressing the value of manufacturing in the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) movement as a driver of domestic economy has Australia’s industry manufacturer leaders pushing for the implementation of an AIM tax incentive (Australian Innovation and Manufacturing Incentive). 

AIM is a patent box-style tax incentive, which would offer a reduced tax rate on profit from IP patented and developed in Australia, to support innovative Australian companies and increase commercialisation of innovation in the country. The objective is to stem the flow of qualifying intellectual property heading offshore and to encourage manufacturers to continue making products in Australia.

Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy has introduced the Australian Intellectual Property Report 2016, which shows a sharp increase in trademark and patent applications in Australia. However, it also demonstrates that Australians filed over four times as many patent applications overseas as they did domestically.

While the Innovation and Science Agenda included several good initiatives for commercialising research, it hardly mentioned manufacturing. Manufacturing has supported the Australian economy by providing jobs and producing goods that the nation can be proud of. It is remiss for the Government to leave it out of the Innovation Statement when the two are intrinsically linked.

The AIM Incentive will create jobs and generate wealth in Australia. It will mean significant long-term benefits, starting with stronger links between innovation and manufacturing, as well as incentive for companies to commercialise products here.

“But if nothing is done in Australia we risk losing existing manufacturers – a valuable asset to our economy. “

Manufacturing and innovation are two sides of the same coin; by focusing solely on innovation, Australia could be ignoring the value of manufacturing to our economy.

Source: Barry Thomas, The Courier-Mail



Australia is a big cultural melting pot, and Sydney has quite a big Indian population. The Indian Fashion Market is held once a month until the end of the year. On the 6th of August, from 11am to 4pm, at Fairfield Showground, Smithfield Road, you will have the opportunity to discover artefacts from different state of India. The colourful Indian Fashion is famous for its variety of skills and styles!

More information about the event here:








What a better way to have access to fresh local products than buying them in a market!  The Carlton Farmers’ market offers seasonal fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts and cheese from Victorian farms. By doing your grocery there you are supporting the local economy, but also protecting the planet thanks to the no-plastic bag rule! Every first Saturday of the month the event is hold in the Carlton Primary School! Have a try on Saturday the 6th of August!

More information about the event here:






Also known as the Royal Queensland Show, this event is one of the largest of Queensland. This year the show brings a variety of best talent, culture, produce, fun and entertainment. The first Ekka show was held in 1876 in Brisbane, and since then it keeps being celebrated every year (Except in 1919 and 1942). The modern Ekka is now all about entertainment, agriculture and education; it is a great event to appreciate the attractive feature of the countryside within the city!  The event is running from the 5th of August until the 14th and is attracting people from the entire sunshine state and beyond!

More information about Ekka here:






The most spectacular Horse Race of the year is held on the 13th of August at Gantheaume Point! Broome Cup Day is one of the biggest social events of the year with people traveling from far to watch this race host in an idyllic location. Dresses or smart outfit for ladies and shirt and pants for guys will be required to attend the event! 

More information about the event & price here:


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