Australia Day

If you didn't know, this Thursday (26 January) is Australia Day! Not everyone knows what this day is all about, so we thought we'd share a bit of the details with you.

 Australia Day History
Australia Day is a day commemorating the arrival of the First Fleet arriving in Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour), New South Wales and the raising of the flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Captain Arthur Philip on this day in 1788. The First Fleet was a fleet of 11 ships that brought over 700 people from Britain.

Australia Day has evolved over time and it wasn't until recently that it became the holiday we know it as today. It took until 1935 for all Australian states to recognize this day as 'Australia Day', before this, some called it 'Foundation Day'.

In 1994, all Australian states and territories began celebrating Australia Day as a public holiday on 26 January each year.


Australia Day Celebrations
Because this is a public holiday in each Australian State, most people have off from work. Common Australia Day activities include:
• Picnics
• Beach parties
• Barbecues
• Music festivals
• Sporting competitions
• Award ceremonies
• Family gatherings
• And much more... 

For most, the day is ended with a fireworks display; the show in Perth is the biggest, with fireworks being launched from bridges, moving boats and skyscrappers.

Australia day is also host to many citizenship ceremonies, with over 10,000 people becoming Australian citizens on this day each year.

Now that you know all about this Australian national day, start celebrating!

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