How to have a good experience interning abroad?

Interning Abroad

Moving in another country is one thing, but working in another country is something else and it’s even more challenging. We would like to share with you some tips to make this experience easier and more enjoyable!

1-    Take the time to arrive a few days before the beginning of your internships. It will allow you the time to adapt your body to the new time zone and to organize yourself in this new environment (knowing how to go to your new office, where to do the grocery shopping etc.) It can take a few days to feel comfortable in a new country and being surrounded by a new culture. It’s always better to feel good with the environment before starting your internship.


2-    Embrace the culture. Business etiquette is different in many countries and it’s always good to know a little about it to make your experience better. Take the time to learn more about the culture to have a better understanding of the different behaviours. 


3-    Be aware of your rights. Working in a new country also means dealing with a lot of paperwork, contracts or permits in a foreign language. Those papers can sometimes be confusing; it’s always good to know your rights concerning your legal situation. That research can easily be done before your departure thanks to the internet but can also be done after you arrival.


4-    Save some money in case something goes wrong. Always be sure to have a little bit of money in case of emergency.


5-    Take the time to enjoy Australia. Doing an internship abroad is a good experience, but it’s even better when you enjoy your free time by moving around and being sure that you make the most from your stay. Time goes by fast …Trust me!

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