First Impressions in the Workplace: is this really decisive?

A good first impression can have a lasting effect on your reputation in the workplace. Here are some tips for you to make the right impression when you start your internship in Australia.

1. Preparation is Key

Internet is a powerful tool – so use it! Familiarise yourself with the company’s client base and services. Check the staff profiles if there are any, it will help you remember faces, names, and if you can find some background information such as where they studied or where they are from.

2. Come with the Right Attitude

Being perceived as a positive and enthusiastic person can make a big difference in how approachable you seem to your new colleagues. They will be more likely to help you settle into your new role if you appear to be enthusiastic about learning, appreciative of help, and open minded to information.

3. Punctuality

You need to show that your internship is a priority in your life; your internship will not seem like a priority if you arrive right on time or late. Try to allow more time for your commute in your first week; if you turn up too early, you could sit down for a coffee at a café nearby. There is nothing worse than turning up late to a new job / internship or arriving just on time. It is better to arrive looking calm and competent rather than flustered from arriving late.

4. Dress Code

If you want to play the part, the first step is to look the part. If you appear to be competent in dressing appropriately and maintaining your personal grooming , you will then get a better first impression. Initially it can take a while to adapt to a new dressing code, but playing it safe and overdressing rather than underdressing is preferable. As you are still getting used to the requirements of your role it is better to be prepared for the unexpected such as meetings with clients.

5. Ask questions

No one expects you to start an internship knowing everything about the company and role. Taking plenty of notes and clarifying questions when you are starting can make a world of difference. It will allow you to avoid asking questions twice. Making assumptions on how to perform tasks can backfire and waste time. Do not forget to say thank you when someone helps you, if they know their help is appreciated they will be more enthusiastic to help you again.

6. Get to know the people around you

Getting to know the people you work with will not only make your work more enjoyable but also allow you to build your network and communicate effectively with your colleagues. Try to show interest in you colleagues and make some small talk. If the opportunity arises to participate in after work social events make an effort to go along or have lunch with your colleagues if you are able to.

Published on by Daniele L.