Summer - Business Administration / Education (Taiwan)


Why did you decide to do your internship in Australia?

I won the scholarship from Trade Investment of Queensland which is called Best Semester Abroad. Working and studying in Australia has always been my dream since I love the diverse cultures and enjoy the nature. Doing internship in Australia can not only help me to develop professional network, which could be useful for future references but also have the opportunity to work with international team, that way I can learn new skills and improve my English quickly.

What made this experience unique and special?

I was very excited when I got the offer from TAFE International because I never had the experience to work abroad and especially in an international department. During the internship, I had the chance to meet the students from all around the world, helped  them with the study inquiries and learned customer service whereas it's hard to have the opportunity to work with people from different nationality in Taiwan. This was truly an unique experience for me.

How has this experience impacted your future?

The internship with TAFE has totally broadened my horizons. It has not only helped me to build a better quality on my resume, but also has grew my network. Networking is very important in the job search, and this internship gave me a great opportunity to meet many people in education field.  I enjoyed working  internationally and would truly love to come back to Australia. It is an incredibly beautiful and vibrant country that I would like to call home at some point in my life.

What was the highlight of your experience?

Meeting new students who were coming to study in Queensland was absolutely the most exciting part of the internship. I could help them with their questions and share my experience to them. I love to learn various cultures and see the passion of the students about their study fields.The opportunity to be here will be something that I will never forget. It is my pleasure to be a part of this internship program, and be a part of this international team.

What advice you would offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?

I would highly recommend to do internships in Australia since you can learn so much from work and the society. Here are some tips I could provide you if you are thinking to do an internship in Australia.

First, always have a positive attitude. Employers like to see someone who enjoys a challenge and is enthusiastic. It will reflect positively on your work and you’ll be more likely to get a good recommendation letter at the end of your placement, which is essential when looking for a job. Second, don't hesitate to ask for help. It is okay to ask for help and seek clarification and advice if you’re not sure about something. It is always better to do this first than to make mistakes and have to start all over again.Last but no least, be creative! Have a creative idea and share with people who you work with can help you to impress your supervisor or other colleagues.  Let your team know about specific skills or interests you have that they might be able to tap into too.

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