"I'm sure that this experience will be great for my future, because I have grown in every way. I really can see the difference in my thoughts and this is amazing! For sure I'll go back home with a big baggage of experience! When I started with my host organisation, I thought it would be really difficult but now I know it’s possible to do so many things I never thought I could do.  I’m giving my full potential here and I feel amazing when I receive good feedback from my co-workers, which is really gratifying. This experience has already impacted my life and I’m really happy for that. I can say I’m a new person. 

The highlight of this is experience is seeing how the things work in a different country. I have some work experience in Brazil and when you put all things together, it is amazing. The basic foundation  of Finance and Accounting are the same, but the learning process is different, the policies foe each country are different and for sure this is the highlight."

Published on by AI.