Jose Luis - Business and Tourism (Mexico)

"I chose to complete an internship because work experience is always valuable, also, it is an excellent complement for the undergraduate degree once you finish university. The industry requires proficient professionals to overtake the current challenges and contribute proactively to the organisations goals. 

The main think I've learned during my internship is about project management, try to follow deadlines and align efforts to collaborate within a team to get the projects over the line. In addition, I have acquired industry knowledge in Queensland, since I have been involved in a number of projects aim to develop capability and skills for the tourism and hospitality industry.  The company has been such a wonderful host organisations providing me with a valuable exposure to industry events and networking, as well as work meeting with stakeholders and the government. 

My advice for future interns is: Never doubt about taking an internship program, hands on experience is always valuable for the career pathway you want, this kind of opportunities always add value to your life, since you can make really good connections, you can meet nice people, moreover you can growth professionally."

Published on by AI.