Spring season is upon us in the lovely land down under. As the flowers begin to blossom it is a sign that the end of the year is fast approaching. Now is the perfect time to recruit new candidates for the Australian Summer!

Internships are booming with vacancies at a record high. Visa processing times are speeding up and the team are preparing for the busy summer season.
The friendly team at AI are always available so don’t hesitate in asking a Marketing representative to deliver an Info Session (face to face for onshore partners and through Skype for offshore partners) or catch up for a quick chat to go through any queries you may have or exciting opportunities you wish to pursue in the future.

Australian Hospitality Industry Boom – 200+ Hospitality Vacancies!

The Australian hospitality industry provides employment opportunities for more than 270,000 people across the country. Australian Internships works with most 4 – 5 star hotel and resort chains and leading restaurants around the country. We are pleased to confirm that there are currently over 200+ paid vacancies available in Food and Beverage, Culinary and Front Office departments with leading Hotels, Resorts and Restaurant groups across Australia. Interns are in high demand with many of the amazing opportunities available for Chefs and Food and Beverage candidates.

V909 Human Resources Internship in Brisbane   

The internship will involve working alongside the senior HR coordinator to carry out a project based on the health and safety requirements and designing a gap analysis of the Health and Safety legislation across the 7 countries they work.

This will involve:
•    Working in senior HR for health & safety international
•    Background research- putting together research into the health and safety legislation that are applicable to each country in which the organisation is present- 7 countries in total
•    Determine which rules, regulations and legislation are applicable to the industry as per the countries
•    Learning to design and develop a template for legislative guidelines

Other Tasks include but are not limited to:
•    Maintaining HR Database
•    Updating policies & procedures
•    HR filing
•    General Admin
•    Workplace Health and Safety Protocols and procedures management

V1033 Digital Marketing internship in Perth   

The Host Organisation is a team of experts who love working with their clients to help them transform their sales and marketing strategy. They are based in North Sydney and are excited, about the power of content and digital sales and marketing that helps grow their client’s businesses. 

The intern tasks will include but not be limited to:
•    Sales and marketing strategy development including buyer persona development and content strategy.
•    Marketing and sales campaign and process design and project management.
•    Analysis of campaign results and recommendations for improvements.
•    Social media research, generation of content and posting.
•    Blog research and editing.
•    SEO, Keyword research, on and off page optimisation

V962 IT - Database internship in Brisbane    

This Horst Organisation is looking for a Business/Commerce degree qualified intern who is interested in working in IT (within cloud) in an international consulting organisation.

Applicant should have the following:
•    Complete proficiency in English – the ability to communicate simply and effortlessly with a global workforce;
•    Optimistic and Cheerful – When things don’t go to plan they need someone who can bounce back; and
•    Ability to work in an open office environment with mature people (9am-5pm).

V1041 Travel & Tourism internship in Melbourne   

An internship opportunity currently exists with this 5 star hotel located in the heart of Melbourne for a driven and passionate individual looking to apply and further develop their hotel and reservations experience.

Task will include: 
•    Assist with email and phone enquiries
•    File monthly paperwork
•    Confirm reservation enquiries, cancellations and amendments
•    Coordinate with the team in checking arrival reports
•    Assist in flagging VIP guests

V1068 Business Administration internship in Sydney     

This global organisation has been in operation in Australia for more than a decade, working within the Commercial Real Estate space assisting companies with work-space solutions. During the internship you will have training opportunities within customer service best practice, operational procedures, basic IT & IT troubleshooting. This is a fantastic opportunity for a Business Administration intern to develop skills within an Australian workplace  which is based right in the heart of Sydney CBD.


Age: 25
Field: Finance
City: Sydney
Nationality: Georgia

Why did you choose to complete an Internship?
There is always a difference between theory and practice. So, I wanted to get a practical experience in the field of finance before starting MSc in Banking and Finance. Furthermore, I wanted to have international working experience so I could advance my career. I wanted to see how the work is done in Australia and to explore a new continent where everybody speaks English.

What have you learned the most during your internship?
I have learnt so many things during these amazing 6 month of my internship. This experience helped me to develop personally and professionally. Being intern under this program gave me the opportunity to work with very highly skilled professionals, to discover my strengths and to develop leadership skills. It gave me insight into how job should be done across different divisions within the bank and I worked on very important projects. 


What benefits do you feel AI contributed to your internship and time in Australia?
The contribution of AI is vital for painless and smooth transition and adaptation to new environment. From the first moment when I applied till now they have been always beside me to solve all the problems I was facing with my internship and visa application process. In addition the intern’s night which held every month is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Once again I would like to thank AI team for that they have done for me.

What advice would you give future interns?
The experience of living and working in Australia is priceless. If you have the opportunity never miss it. Be confident and accept the challenge. Be prepared this experience will make you to dream bigger and achieve even more.

What do you enjoy most about Australia?
Australia was not my dream destination before coming here. However, I fell in love instantly with Sydney. Sydney is so beautiful and multicultural city, the food is very tasty and there are so many places to explore during weekends. There are not huge differences between Greece and Australia but the small details can have impact and nothing seems same as you expect, like walking on the left side of pavement instead of right or see the moon upside down.



Rachael Bromage – Hospitality Program Manager 

Like most Australians, I love to travel. I try to holiday overseas at least once a year and I am always planning my next adventure.  I've been to Asia, USA and Europe with my next travel destination being Mexico but I am still yet to see a lot of things in my own backyard!  I also have a love of food and not just any food but dishes that have been created so that every element on that dish explodes with flavour and textures in your mouth. I guess you could say my love of travel and food has originated from my time in the hospitality industry and the opportunities I had to dine the hotel’s restaurants and stay with the hotel’s sister properties at home, Asia and the USA.

How would you describe your work?
As the Hospitality Program Manager, I source internships for young students and recent graduates in either the Food and Beverage, Kitchen or Front Office Departments of hotels and resorts across Australia. I have a hospitality and human resources background, so I have developed relationships with key contacts in the industry over the years, which is beneficial to facilitating placements.



What do you like the most about your work?
The people and success stories. Having experienced working in the hospitality experience myself, I know and understand that it takes dedicated and committed people to become true hospitality professionals. So to be able to find placements for young professionals who have that energy in them already is a real delight!

Your message to the interns
If you demonstrate your enthusiasm, professionalism and drive in everything you do, you can be a future leader in the industry you are passionate about.



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