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Greetings from sunny Australia,

It’s March madness at Australia Internships with the team in full swing delivering internships Australia wide.

We are excited to bring you a considerably increased the number of vacancies available for immediate start. Check out and share our current vacancies here. If you have anyone onshore interested in one of these vacancies, they may be able to start straight away if accepted by the host company. Positions are available immediately for suitable candidates either onshore or offshore – pending visa.

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V1218: Graphic Design Internship Opportunity

This Host Organisation supports & provides technology solutions to help businesses of all kinds succeed. They help design and implement from start to finish and with their partnerships with next generation technology providers, they can offer the best solutions at the lowest prices. This Host Organisation is looking for a motivated individual to join their design team in Brisbane.

Tasks will include, but not limited to:

  • Effectively learn and implement design codes and regulations
  • Attend and participate in design meetings
  • General graphic design ad administration duties

V1211: Accounting Internship Opportunity

This is a fantastic accounting opportunity for an accounting student or recent graduate. The Host Organisation is one of Australia’s fastest growing and exciting budget accommodation providers and adventure experience marketing companies. The Host Organisation is looking for an individual to join them in Brisbane.

Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in processing payroll
  • Communicate with customers via phone, email or mail
  • Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Process month-end journals
  • Conduct expense audits
  • Other general accounting tasks


V730: Entry Level Laboratory Technician – Biotechnology/Microbiology

On offer, is the opportunity to join one of the country’s leading science and biotechnology companies as a laboratory technician intern! The Host Organisation uses internationally approved methods, standards, equipment and guidelines to test products for quality control, research, vendor compliance and regulatory requirements. The Organisations have expanded and they are now testing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, food and beverage, among many others.

Some tasks may include:

  • The use of industrial instruments
  • Commercial laboratory equipment
  • Media making
  • General upkeep and cleaning of equipment and instruments
  • Aseptic sample dispensing and preparation


V1229: Marketing Intern in a Logistics Company

This Host Organisation is looking for a motivated student or recent graduate to intern with their team in Melbourne. This logistics and removal company specialises in local delivery within the Melbourne metropolitan area providing a point to point service in both B2B and B2C.

Some of the tasks will involve:

  • Assistance in planning, delivering, and controlling the flow of goods, marketing materials and information
  • Assist with finance analysis, reporting and management tasks
  • Maintain company’s database
  • Contribute to training & development, benefits, compensation policies and procedures

V1230: HR Intern in Nationwide Telecommunication Service Provider

This Host Organisation is a leading provider in telecommunication infrastructure solutions in Australia for over 15 years. Their dedicated team of accredited employees and subcontractors deliver high quality and outstanding deployment on all projects. The Organisation is seeking a highly motivated intern to join their HR department in Perth.

Some tasks may include:

  • Training co-ordination
  • HR administration and support
  • Reference Checks
  • Pre-employment
  • Medical bookings
  • HR inductions
  • HR system compliance

Name: Muhammad Shamoon
Age: 26
Field: Engineering
City: Melbourne
Nationality: Pakistan

Why did you choose to complete an Internship?
I chose to complete my internship so that I could explore a career interest, gain some experience in my work field and develop the skill set required to become a successful Accountant. I also strongly believe that internships are a key to building experience as a recent graduate. The other reason I chose to pursue an internship was making my resume strong. I knew the importance of a strong resume as it could have been tougher as a fresher to be considered for any accounting position without any sort of real world experience.

What have you learned the most during your internship?
Internships are always a great resource for learning new things. As an intern, I adopted so many new skills and cultivated the most important time management skill. My internship also boosted my professional confidence. I confronted and overcame the fear of what’s it like to work in a professional ambience.

The most important thing I have learnt during my internship is the importance of developing relationships with people who are at the same career level, no matter which industry they are in. Personally, my internships have introduced me to a lot of useful resources and have given me the

opportunity to meet a variety of professionals in my field. To cut the story short, links build to one another- as they grow, so do you.

What benefits do you feel AI contributed to your internship and time in Australia?
Australian Internship gave me the platform to prove my abilities. Right from the time searching for a host company until I finished I had full support from my supervisor. The weekly feedback gave me opportunity to recall the things I did for the whole week and motivated me to get my tasks done in a more efficient way thinking it will be reviewed again. Personally, AI did a good job in finding a host company according to my preferences and did a very hard work in background setting up the contract between me and the host company.

What advice would you give future interns?
Internships provide you with the building blocks you need for your future. Many internship opportunities help set the foundation for your career. It is important that you choose you internships based on your interests and career prospects. As an intern, you have the opportunity to get your foot in the door with a company. If internship is done with a great self-esteem it can gain clarity on your strengths, weaknesses and interests.

What do you enjoy most about Australia?
Living and working in Australia is just amazing. Sure, they fall under ‘the landscape’, but I had to give special mention to Australia’s wonderful beaches and the wealth that its oceans provide it. I did my first scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and have seen some scintillating sights just beneath the waves in the years since. I’m inordinately proud of Australia’s multiculturalism. There’s something truly beautiful about that, I love it is because it means there’s an abundance of delicious foods from across the globe to sample.


Sarah Elliot – Program Admissions Manager & Administration Team Leader




I have been with Australian Internships for over 6 years, starting in the receptionist role and moving into Program Admissions and leading the Administration Team.


How would you describe your work?

In the Program Admissions role, I assess applicants’ eligibility for the various internship programs, ensure they meet all the requirements and collect application documentation.

My work requires attention to detail and an understanding of a variety of educational studies and industries.


What do you like the most about your work?
No day is ever the same! Every day I get the opportunity to communicate with applicants from all over the world from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. All our applicants have different goals and dreams they are working towards and it’s a privilege to be a part of their journey.

Your message to the interns?
View your internship program as a chance to positively engage in an experience that can give you a step up in your career. Look for chances to take initiative and embrace the internship as a learning opportunity that could change your life!


Thank you for reading! We’d love to hear what you want to read in this newsletter, so feel free to give us some suggestions on what to include next time!