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An internship is a temporary position (voluntary or paid; part time or full time) that focuses on training and skill development in industry. It gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to partake in work experience in their field of study.

    The purpose of an internship is to help transition from classroom to workplace, allowing them to gain vital practical knowledge and skills to add to their CV. However, even if they are temporary, internships are a great opportunity for employers to recruit long term staff. For many students, completing an internship allows them to see if what they are studying is really what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

      For companies/employers, it is an opportunity to discover and retain employees. By having an intern for few months working on a project, employers can see their personality and ability and therefore decide if they would be a good match to their organisation.

        When the intern and the organisation have a positive experience and the chance to begin a relationship, the intern is likely to remain at the organization for a longer period of time if an opportunity arises. There are many advantages in this scenario and the most important one is that through the internship, the intern already knows the company, the team and the job and vice versa, the manager and team get to know the interns, their skills and abilities.

          The latest research findings published by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) in April 2015 shows that over 70% of participating employers hold internships to recruit fulltime employees among interns. This research also showed that the average rate of students with internship experience turning into full time employees is 51.7%.

            According to the Internship Survey by NACE, the retention rate of employees who are former interns is at 83% after the first year, and 53% after 5 years. “This is quite high, especially with this generation of new hires. For them, moving from one organization to another and getting more experience is an optimum thing to do for themselves”, says Marilyn Mackes, Executive Director at NACE.

    What is the best thing about having international interns at your organisation?

    There are so many advantages in having international interns working with us. To start off with, based on their learning capability, we review our own technical procedures every time and perfect them so procedures are easier and more fun to learn. Having interns also motivates other staff since interns do work hard without wages. Last but not least, it feels good to take on interns and help them.  We give them their first corporate experience in Australia and hence kick start their career and of course help with their Australian visa status.

    What do you like about having Australian Internships providing and supporting your interns?

     I have dealt with 4-5 different internship companies, but I found Australian Internships to be the most professional and easiest one to deal with. For example Australian Internships has a weekly learning plan which I had never come across in other internship company.  This is based on interns’ weekly learnings and needs to be submitted every week and keeps interns on their toes! Also the internship program manager, Keli McKenzie is very prompt with her responses and always readily available and helpful. 

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    Brooke has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Hofstra University – New York, USA and has since gained experience in a creative services company as well as taking on the role of  International Marketing Coordinator in a home furnishings company.

    Brooke is looking to continue to develop her professional skills while immersing herself in the Australian culture.

    • Nationality: American
    • Field: Marketing
    • Duration: 26 week with a stipend
    • Start Date: 6th February – 11th August 2017 
    • Internship Location: Melbourbe, Sydney or Brisbane

    Brooke is currently located in Brisbane and is available for face to face or Skype/phone interview at your convenience.  

    Please contact Rachael Bromage directly to arrange an interview - rachael@internships.com.au


    According to the Austrade website, there are some excellent benefits of being an Innovative business.

    Innovative businesses are more likely to achieve higher income, profitability and productivity.“Australian businesses that are active innovators outperform non-innovators on a range of measures, including sales, value added, employment and profit growth.

    This is one of the key findings of the Australian Innovation Systems Report 2016 released by the Department of Industry, Innovation. The report explores the impact of innovation and related activities on business, industry and national performance.It provides an overview of Australia’s innovation system performance across research and development (R&D), business-research collaboration, commercialisation and intellectual property.

    The report found innovation-active businesses make up 45 per cent of all employing businesses but contribute to over 60 per cent of sales and employment. Compared to non-innovators, they are 40 per cent more likely to increase income and profitability, twice as likely to export, and two to three times more likely to report increased productivity, employment and training. Australian businesses spent between A$26 billion and A$30 billion on innovation in 2014–15. Sales from innovative goods and services were valued at about A$60 billion, meaning on average, every A$1 invested on innovation returns A$2 in sales.

    While Australia ranks fifth out of 30 OECD countries for the proportion of innovation-active businesses, the report suggests the country’s innovation performance is hampered by a decrease in business expenditure on R&D relative to GDP and low levels of business-to-research sector collaboration on innovation. As a consequence of this, Australia’s new-to-market innovation is lower than other OECD countries and has declined since the pre-Global Financial Crisis era.




    Head to Olympic Park this month for Movies by the Boulevard! On Wednesday – Sunday nights this month, get your friends together to see a free movie at Cathy Freeman Park! The movies start at 8.30pm, but get there early for food and beverages! You can find a listing of all movie showings here.




    australia day at docklands parks


    Head over to the Harbour Esplanade on Australia Day (26 January) for a night filled with food, entertainment, and fireworks. This spectacular event includes the Great Australian BBQ Food Truck Festival and concludes with a fireworks display. Find more details here and look out for more details as the day gets closer.






    EAT STREET MARKEts - hamilton wharf


    Head down to Hamilton on Friday and Saturday nights from 4 - 10pm all this month to try delicious food from all over the world! This is one of Brisbane's newest and most interactive market experiences, something you don't want to miss while you're in town!

    You can find more information about these events here.








    Spend the day taking a step back in time at the Lady Luck Festival. On Saturday 21st of January, the Carrington Hotel will be host to this day with cars on display and a market open from 10am to 5pm, hosting a range of stall holders.

    Find more information about this festival here.


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