Welcome to our AI April Newsletter!

We have some important updates regarding our Hospitality Internship Program and the 402 Training & Research Visa requirements.

Recently the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has provided us with some updated information on the requirements for the 402 Training & Research Visa. These requirements are only valid for candidates applying for the Hospitality Internship Program on the 402 Visa. In order to ensure that all of our valued partners are aware of the necessary requirements to apply for the 402 Visa, we have listed them below. Candidates need to:

  • Have completed at least 2 years of tertiary education in Hospitality, equivalent to diploma level or higher, OR;
  • Be a recent Hospitality graduate within 18 months of course completion*
  • Have minimum 6 months full time professional experience in the selected internship department (6 months on a continual basis)
  • Be currently working in the selected internship department
  • Have an upper intermediate – advanced English language level
  • Food & Beverage and Front Office applicants: must have some supervisory experience or exposure to supervisory tasks
  • Culinary applicants: studies must be specific to Culinary or Commercial Cookery

*If candidates do not meet this requirement but have studied Hospitality, they may still be eligible for the program if they have at least 12 continuous months of full-time working experience in the last 18 months in the selected field of Hospitality. All other criteria must be met.

More information regarding the 402 Training & Research Visa can be found on the DIBP website.
All updated materials can be found on our website in the Partners Downloads section. Talk to you marketing representative if you need your password.

V1021 Marketing Vacancy in Adelaide

Based in the 'City of Churches' amongst the bustling arts & culture scene, is an internship for a MARKETING or BUSINESS graduates seeking an entrepreneurial opportunity to receive direct mentoring from the company directors in the Adelaide CBD. The internship will explore the skills and techniques required to carry out market research, strategic marketing and industry networking. The target audience are musicians and musical educators alike, therefore a strong passion for music will be greatly beneficial as you will engage with musicians and enjoy the perks of networking within this industry! The internship is available to commence ASAP for a 3-6 month duration. In order to apply, send your CV to info@internships.com.au and quote this vacancy number! APPLY NOW to avoid missing out on this unique opportunity which wont last long!


V1054 Finance Vacancy in Brisbane

This host organisation is launching internships nationally within their facilities for entry level Finance and accounting interns!
Based in Brisbane and Sydney, this is a large hosting organisation  with over 14,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand. 
To be eligible for this internship, you needs to have a moderate- advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office suite, including but not limited to outlook, word, excel and powerpoint. You must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and you must be exceptionally presented and groomed.
The opportunity is open for 12-26 weeks with immediate start available.


V1051 Human Resources vacancy in Melbourne

Do you want to gain valuable Human Resources experience in an Australian headquartered, global company? An exciting opportunity exists for a Human Resources student to join this company's  People & Capability Team as an unpaid Intern. Based in the  Melbourne Office, the People & Capability Internship will provide the successful candidate with an opportunity to gain practical, hands on experience across a broad range of HR activities including:
•    HR Policy & Compliance
•    Recruitment & Selection
•    Workplace Health & Safety
•    Learning and Organisational Development
Every day brings new faces, new challenges and new opportunities!


V1001 – IT Computer science Vacancy in Sydney 

12 weeks Computer Science - IT internship available in Sydney.  The intern will assist & provide second level support to identify and solve technical issues escalated by the Help Desk to meet the company standards and SLA's for all company Associates (in local and regional company offices or working remotely).  The Technical Support Internship will also assist with projects, site visit and company Events support as and when required.



Age: 21
Field: Business Admin
City: Brisbane
Nationality: Japan
Why did I choose this program?
Studying abroad to another country was one of my dreams and I decided to join a program that my university has to achieve it. Actually, this internship was a part of this program.  So every student who wants to participate to it were supposed to study English for the first 3 months then work for a company as an intern. It looks like a duty, but it was a great experience for me.

What was I doing?
I was given a lot of different kind of tasks from simple one like dividing sheets of document to complicated one like using software to manage information of our customers. Therefor I was working with some different teams and I got to know many other staff members. That was another good thing. What I was the most excited about was to do was a project related to engagement strategy for distance students. I had some interviews and discussions with Student Support Officers and Trainers. Then I summarized it and wrote a report with a few data. This task was the most difficult one for me but I gained confidence after finishing it.


Advice for other interns:
I think the most important thing is "Communication" in your internship. Whoever you are working with and however big your company is, you should talk to other people. When I was in a first week, I couldn’t communicate well with people around me because I was too afraid of my poor English. I prevented myself from doing it. But I managed to start communicating. Then I found that they were much kinder than I expected. They did not care about how much I could talk. They listened when I was speaking. That made me gets used to my work place much more easily. I am pretty sure people around you are also very warm and kind. Be brave and talk to them. You can choose any topic you like!

Three things I like about Australia:
1. Beaches: Moreton Island has the most beautiful beach I have ever been.
2. People: They are so friendly (sometimes too much...). Even between a shopper and a customer, they talk as if they were best friends. It cannot be seen in Japan definitely but I like it.
3. Weather: Australia has just one season I think: summer. I do not like cold weather. I want to spend the whole year with a T-shirt, shorts and thongs.


Name: Megan Offord

Role: Internship Program Manager (Business Development)


I am originally from Brisbane but have lived in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston and have travelled to quite a few other countries, all of which have brought me some wonderful experiences and amazing people. My family origin is Native American, Swedish and Dutch and was very lucky that my Mother moved to Australia in her younger years so that I get to spend most weekends on the Sunshine Coast on the beautiful Queensland beache.

My university studies were in Human Services and Psychology and my previous employment originally had me involved with assisting disadvantaged people in securing educational and vocational opportunities which involved a lot of Business Relationship Management. This led me to apply for a Business Development Manager role with Australian Internships and I am extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity to develop myself professionally through contact with many major National and International companies across Australia and to work with such a dedicated and inspiring team!


How would you describe your work?

I have 6 years experience working with Australian Internships. I am involved with developing and maintaining relationships with host organisations and also providing support and guidance throughout the internship period to the host. This is to ensure that the internship arrangement is satisfactory to both the host and the intern. At times it is very challenging but it is always rewarding when you know that you have found a great match and the host is very grateful for the opportunity and when you have helped the intern to achieve their goals and to become that one step closer to achieving their dreams.

What do you like most about your work?

The team are amazing and I love working with them all. I have also really loved the insight and awareness that working with internationals has brought into my life! I consider myself very fortunate to meet the most amazing people from all parts of the globe and to learn about the history and culture of so many countries. 

Your message to the interns:

•    Appreciate the moment you are in right now as time passes you by very quickly
•    Find your purpose. Know what you want and stick to your path
•    Everything that you learn or the skills that you develop will be helpful to you at some time or another and will serve your purpose
•    Don’t expect the path to be straight and narrow – it will be winding and there will be detours and diversions but remember your purpose
•    Focus on the positives, make the most of every opportunity and again remember that everything you learn will benefit you if you allow it to! 


Thank you for reading! We’d love to hear what you want to read in this newsletter, so feel free to give us some suggestions on what to include next time!