Australia Awards Africa is a DFAT funded pan-African scholarships program where up to 200 Masters students from all African countries are brought to Australia each year to begin a Master’s degree and an internship program. Several of the students are studying postgraduate courses in the extractives sector, particularly at institutions in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

Program Specifics

Duration: 8/12 weeks internship
Dates: Summer 2016, December to February
Goals: To apply their knowledge and grow their sector networks/industry linkages
Remuneration: Unpaid
English: Advanced English
Visa: Student visa
Locations: Adelaide/Brisbane/Melbourne/Perth

Environmental Engineering / Science Interns

We have 5 students currently completing a Masters qualification in Environment, Environmental Science, Geoscience, Science and Mineral Resources looking applying their knowledge and grow their sector networks/industry linkages within the industry. All with relevant undergraduate studies and eager to further develop their technical experience from Australia.

Irrigation water management is one the biggest problems hampering agricultural productivity in some regions of Mozambique, due to either EXCESS of water during rainy season in Summer, causing floods resulting in destruction of vast farm lands, or water SCARCITY during dry season, usually couple of months after rainy season as most of the water flows directly to the sea. It is also relevant to highlight that water deficit can occur even during rainy season as the rainfall pattern has been increasingly becoming unreliable with short duration but high intensity  (significant amount of water in short period of time), and thus not meeting the crop water requirement for an entire growing season. A placement in an institution related to water catchment, storage and distribution would be beneficial for this matter. Secondly, the use of Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis to determine and simulate the potential for irrigation is another field of interest which can have enormous application in Mozambique. A hands on job on this field would put into practice the skills and knowledge I am looking forward to learn, and sharing first hand experience with experts would definitely provide deep insight.


As a geoscientist, gaining experience through quality field work is an important component in consolidating skill and knowledge in the mining industry. As far as my career path is concerned, I am interested in enhancing my skill and knowledge in mineral exploration activity through field works. The Internship will contribute to my professional development goals consistent with my country's development priority and employer's expectation.


I am a Master of Science student majoring in Water Resources Management at Flinders University, an employee in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development (MoAIWD), the Directorate of Water Resources Development and Management under the Groundwater Division as the Groundwater Development Officer for the Central Region of Malawi. I believe the skills and knowledge couple with the experience I have makes me a strong candidate to be considered. The exposure on my part will be incomparable as I stand to benefit from the training and work experience in an international setup while I will also be able to exchange my work experience including challenges that I encounter in the course of executing my duties. Cultural exchange will also be vital as both parties stand to benefit a lot by understand the philosophy of the nation from which I come from and vice versa.


If given the chance I would greatly benefit from the hands on experience I would get in mineral exploration and mining. I would be able to apply the theories that I learned in a real world context and more important in a country where we have the same geological setups, minerals, and same challenges like water demands towards mining and pollution. That would also create some sort of awareness of some new developments in my sector in a developed country setup and not only my technical skills would be enhanced but also the good working cultures will be adopted. The other most important thing would be to network with experts from my field which can be valuable especially when am back in my home country. With the networks when am having challenges I can always have some experts to ask from the same industry who might have gone through the same challenges.


Agriculture Interns

These students are currently completing a Masters qualification in Agricultural Science and Agribusiness. All with outstanding relevant undergraduate studies and a willingness to gain technical experience from Australia. CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about these interns and to avoid missing out on this fantastic opportunity! If you are interested in one of the outstanding participants of this program, reach out to Australian Internships to register your interest and review candidate profiles. Get in quick – these super stars will be snapped up fast! 

I would like to express my interest for On-Award Industry Placement in any Australian company or major farms that are dealing in Agribusiness activities. I have agricultural background from the University of Malawi where I was trained as an Agribusiness Manager for four years. The training  equipped me with theoretical knowledge in Project Management, Human Resource Management, Extension and Rural  Development, Communication, writing skills, Analytical skills, Business and Finance skills and all these coupled with an  incorporation  of  cross-cutting  issues  namely;  HIV/AIDS,  Gender  Development,  and  the Environment. 

I am very excited on the diverse knowledge I will acquire, I do believe apart from theoretical knowledge there is need for practical feel on how things are done in Australia hence my Expression of Interest on an Industrial placement. Practical knowledge acquired through the internship will help me become will vested in the Agribusiness circles. I will be grateful if my application would be considered for possible placement in any opening that might arise.


I am undertaking a master of agribusiness. Getting an internship in this area will give me first hand experience of what it is like to work in a completely different work environment. I will be able to develop and build new skills from a developed world perspective. I have also observed that agriculture in Australia is highly commercial giving me an opportunity to learn how to promote farming as a business, harvest package, preserve and market agricultural produce, synchronizing production with demand and also the regulations that ensure food safety and consumer protection. Kenya’s economy is highly dependent on agriculture and currently working on how to commercialize agriculture for food security and economic development. This internship will help me gain knowledge on how the agriculture sector is working in Australia and adopt and customize it to suit Kenya. I would love to learn all that i can that will enable me do my bit to help my country get there.