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Greetings from Australia,

As the weather cools down we are fast approaching AI’s mid-year madness, where our wonderful friends from the northern hemisphere venture down under for their summer internships, and our onshore students vamp up for their mid-year internship intakes.

Now is the prime time to keep up with the most recent program updates and book your refresher training session with your Marketing Representative!

Why Complete a Training Session?

Knowledge is power! The better you understand our programs, the easier it is to promote them to students. Our team are available for face to face training sessions in Sydney and Brisbane or Skype and phone sessions for those based elsewhere.

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V1688 – Marketing Internship in Melbourne

Exciting marketing internship opportunity in building automation and energy management organisation. They provide an opportunity for someone to utilize their marketing prowess as an individual by putting into practice the marketing skills they have learned.

For more details, click here.

V1682 – Electrical Engineering Internship in Melbourne

Amazing internship opportunity in product development and quality & compliance engineering.

For more details, click here.

V1674 – Finance Internship in Brisbane

Through smart planning and management, this company makes a real and material difference by providing quality service, but also sound advice that is tailored to individual needs. With detailed knowledge of taxation laws and investment structures to help client’s finances structured in the most tax effective way.

For more details, click here.

V1671 – IT – Maintenance Internship in Brisbane

Amazing opportunity for IT student to work in IT Help Desk to start as soon as possible!

For more details, click here.


Karen Chang    


Age: 21

Field: HR

City: Rosemead

Nationality: Chinese American

Why did you choose to complete an Internship?

Internship is the best way to get the real experience in the field you want to get into. School teaches you what you do in a workplace, but never can get a hands down experience. Each workplace is different because of the environment, colleagues, and workload. Internships give you a glimpse of how each company works and you do not have to stay at the company for a long time if you do not like it. If you think the work you are doing during your internship is not what you were thinking of, it is not too late to change your major as a student. You deal with different people every day, so it helps you improve your weakness. For example, customer service, problem solving, and organizing.

After graduating, you become a stronger candidate because you have some knowledge and got valuable experiences from other company abroad.

What have you learned the most during your internship?

During my internship, I learned how to interview people professionally, and how to pick the right candidate for each department. This is really rewarding because I was the one who is always being interview. It feels so different interviewing other people and I get to meet so many different people. Sometimes we have the same interests, so we have a little chat after the interview.

What do you enjoy most about Australia?

Australia is a beautiful country. I really enjoy the café here because it is so instagrammable! The food is plated like an art, delicious, and the interior is nice. I never ate vegetarian food, but there is so many vegetarian café and vegan options in every restaurants.

I really enjoy the beach here too because each beach looks different. Some beach has different sections that the wave cannot hit you and children are safe to enter too. It’s a very pretty place for tropical photos and relaxing. The best part is on Sunday no matter where you go, the bus fare is only $2.70 for the whole day.

What’s your advice for other interns?

Work hard during your internship and always ask questions when you need help. This way helps you get along with your colleagues faster. Be curious because you’re interning in another country and you can bond with your colleague with just a little chat.

How was your overall experience with Australian Internships?

I am very happy that Australian Internships placed me to such an awesome company. I never have a complain about the company, because Australian Internships help you find a perfect company. The Weekly Learning Plan really help me keep in track what I do every week. Looking back at it, I knew what I have accomplished and how much I improved throughout my whole internship.


Ania Preston

Marketing Manager



Originally from Poland, I came to Australia in 2009 and started working at Australian Internships the same year. I also lived in London for 5 years – started as an intern, which then turned to a long lasting position. Therefore, I believe I am well equipped by my own experiences to be able to advise international students on internship opportunities, career development and living abroad. 


How would you describe your work?

As a Marketing Manager, my main job is to develop and maintain business partnerships. I also talk to a lot of young professionals interested in coming to Australia. I communicate with a wide range of people from across the globe. It is fascinating and very rewarding. My job is very diverse and interesting. I deal with international students, educational providers, agents and universities in Australia and all over the world.


What do you like the most about your work?

International Education and Travelling are my passion. It is such a fantastic industry to work in. I love dealing with young professionals from different cultures. Being an international myself and starting my own career as an intern, I know how challenging it can be to leave home and start your life overseas. Helping young professionals, providing them with opportunity, assisting them in making their dreams come true is what I love about my job – what is there not to like?


Your message to the interns?

Embrace this opportunity – this is a one in a life time chance! Not only you are growing professionally and becoming an expert in your field but you are doing it in the best country in the world. In your internship, give it your all, always stay positive, don’t be scared to ask questions and try new things. This is why you are here – to experience something new and something different that will make you grow and will help you mature. Living overseas really teaches you a lot about yourself. Make it the best lesson you can.



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