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Winter is coming! As the weather cools down we are fast approaching AI’s mid-year madness; where our wonderful friends from the norther hemisphere venture down under for their summer internships, and our onshore students vamp up for their mid-year internship intakes.

For many of our partners, now is the prime time to update your marketing material for the 2018 calendar year. Our friendly marketing team remain available for a free refresher training session, or to provide you with any necessary marketing material required for next year’s promotions.   

Why Complete a Training Session?
Knowledge is power! The better you understand our programs, the easier it is to promote them to students. Our team are available for face to face training sessions in Sydney and Brisbane or Skype and phone session for those based elsewhere. 

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V1294: IT- Web Development Internship Opportunity

This Host Organisation was formed in 1991 to provide full service and product solutions to the swimming pool and spa markets. Operations started humbly in Brisbane, and have since expanded to an international network. Experienced in providing a superior range of unique blends and formulas. This organisation invests extensively in the research and development facilities, keeping the company at the forefront of new technology and ensuring innovative products at competitive prices. This is further enhanced by an inquisitive approach which renders exceptional products with confidence. Its product range covers speciality chemicals, a full range of high performance pool and spa equipment, cleaning accessories, water testing facilities, water analysis technology and PVC pipe & fittings.

Tasks will include, but not limited to:

  •   Programming
  •   Web development
  •   Application Tests
  •  And more… 

V1297: Engineering Internship Opportunity

This host organisation delivers innovative and sustainable global shipping and logistics solutions for manufacturers of cars, trucks, heavy equipment and specialized cargo. The company also specialises in handling complex project cargoes such as rail cars, power generators, mining equipment and yachts. The sophisticated supply chain management services ensure an efficient integration of ocean transportation, inland distribution, terminal handling and a large comprehensive range of specialised technical services.

Tasks will include, but not limited to:

  • Producing high-quality vehicle assembly instructions and documentation that contributes to the efficient assembly and quality output of a variety of high & heavy vehicles and equipment across heavy vehicle and agricultural industry OEMs.
  • Feedback in the form of engineering change advice
  • Technical specification adjustments based on lessons learnt during the process.

V1271: Travel and Tourism Internship Opportunity

The company is a recreational adventure operator located 12km from the heart of Brisbane. They offer activities for locals and international tourists, as well as organizing group adventures for corporate, school and other large groups.

Tasks will include, but not limited to:

  • Handling in person, over the phone and online customer enquiries
  • Organising adventure bookings and preparing equipment for sessions – including hire briefings
  • Assisting with online marketing and social media
  • Performing general day to day operational tasks.


V1296: Graphic Design Internship Opportunity

Modern, exciting and fast paced environment. This organisation is in the beverage industry and has developed a range of beverages designed to enhance brain function.

Tasks will include, but not limited to:

  • Assist and work with a graphic design and marketing
  • Help develop company's promotional materials


V1265: Marketing Internship Opportunity

This Host Organisation is a leading provider in telecommunication infrastructure solutions in Australia for over 15 years. Their dedicated team of accredited employees and subcontractors deliver high quality and outstanding deployment on all projects. The Organisation is seeking a highly motivated intern to join their HR department in Perth.

Some tasks may include:

  • Training co-ordination
  • HR administration and support
  • Reference Checks
  • Pre-employment
  • Medical bookings
  • HR inductions
  • HR system compliance

Name: Summer Chang
Age: 25
City: Gold Coast, Queensland
Nationality: Taiwanese

Why did you decide to do your internship in Australia?
I won the scholarship from Trade Investment of Queensland which is called Best Semester Abroad. Working and studying in Australia has always been my dream since I love the diverse cultures and enjoy the nature. Doing internship in Australia can not only help me to develop professional network, which could be useful for future references but also have the opportunity to work with international team, that way I can learn new skills and improve my English quickly.

What made this experience unique and special?
I was very excited when I got the offer for my internship because I never had the experience to work abroad and especially in an international department. During the internship, I had the chance to meet the students from all around the world; helped them with the study inquiries and learned customer service whereas it's hard to have the opportunity to work with people from different nationality in Taiwan. This was truly a unique experience for me.

How has this experience impacted your future?
The internship has totally broadened my horizons. It has not only helped me to build a better quality on my resume, but also has grew my network. Networking is very important in the job search, and this internship gave me a great opportunity to meet many people in education field.  I enjoyed working internationally and would truly love to come back to Australia. It is an incredibly beautiful and vibrant country that I would like to call home at some point in my life.

What was the highlight of your experience?
Meeting new students who were coming to study in Queensland was absolutely the most exciting part of the internship. I could help them with their questions and share my experience to them. I love to learn various cultures and see the passion of the students about their study fields. The opportunity to be here will be something that I will never forget. It is my pleasure to be a part of this internship program, and be a part of this international team.

What advice you would offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?
I would highly recommend an internship in Australia since you can learn so much from work and the society. 

Here are some tips I could provide you if you are thinking about doing an internship in Australia.

1.    First, always have a positive attitude. Employers like to see someone who enjoys a challenge and is enthusiastic. It will reflect positively on your work and you’ll be more likely to get a good recommendation letter at the end of your placement, which is essential when looking for a job.

2.    Second, don't hesitate to ask for help. It is okay to ask for help and seek clarification and advice if you’re not sure about something. It is always better to do this first than to make mistakes and have to start all over again.

3.    Last but no least, be creative! Have a creative idea and share with people who you work with can help you to impress your supervisor or other colleagues.  Let your team know about specific skills or interests you have that they might be able to tap into too.



Arielle Stenhouse



A few years ago I made the decision to move from rural Australia to the city to pursue career opportunities. Throughout these past few years I have learned a lot about myself and what I would like to do with my life. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in economics whilst working in administration at Australian Internships. I love learning new things and look forward to traveling and seeing the world.


How would you describe your work?
I am the person who you talk to first when you call the office.

Working in administration means that I get to work with all areas of the business. This diversity means that there is always something new for me to learn. In my position I get to interact with hosts, interns, agents and providers.


What do you like the most about your work?
A part of my job means that I get to read the feedback that we receive from interns and host companies. The feedback we receive is really positive and I enjoy reading the experiences that interns have shared with us and how it has impacted their life.

Your message to the interns?
Being a young professional myself I understand that it is easy to be filled with self-doubt when starting something new, however it is important to have confidence in your own abilities. More often than not you will surprise yourself with what you’re capable of.


Thank you for reading! We’d love to hear what you want to read in this newsletter, so feel free to give us some suggestions on what to include next time!