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Winter is coming! As the weather cools down we are fast approaching AI’s mid-year madness; where our wonderful friends from the northern hemisphere venture down under for their summer internships, and our onshore students vamp up for their mid-year internship intakes.

With all recent updates from the Department of Immigration, our friendly marketing team remain available for a free refresher training session, or to provide you with any necessary material required for promotions.  

Why Complete a Training Session?

Knowledge is power! The better you understand our programs, the easier it is to promote them to students. Our team are available for face to face training sessions in Sydney and Brisbane or Skype and phone session for those based elsewhere.

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V1533 – Marketing & Sales Internship

Intern with one of the biggest hospitality brands in the world. Training within each Department, one meal per day offered.

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V1531– Human Resources position

One of the very few Sydney hotels set in the heart of The Rocks. Intern alongside a dynamic team completing administration tasks, recruitment process, audit compliance, employee relations and training.

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V1534 – IT – Web Development Internship

Ideally you will have experience working with websites in particular WordPress, must be able to work autonomously and will have proficiency with SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing etc. An understanding and/or experience with financial markets (Share trading, Cryptocurrency etc) would be advantageous. Marketing or sales experience will also be useful.

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V1448 – Human Resources

Healthcare IT solutions, they have developed various solutions for pharmacy and are currently focussing on Patient associations and ecommerce.  They also sell a loyalty and rewards program and various other customer service solutions useful in a healthcare related retail environment. Great opportunity for a candidate interested in getting HR and Management hands on experience.

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Galip Tunca Arkan


Age:  24

Field: Culinary

City: Sydney

Nationality: Turkish


Why did you choose to complete an Internship?

After I had completed my studies I wanted to improve my skills in the field in a foreign country with a multicultural society and I believe every new working venue will help me to develop new abilities. Another reason is that nowadays most of the employers are looking for employees with strong CV and I know mine will be strengthen with this internship. 


What have you learned the most during your internship?

Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. In the hotel I work there are chefs from India, Phillipines, Nepal and other nationalities which gave me a chance to learn their food culture as well as the their technique. I have also learnt new cooking techniques and improved my current culinary skills


What benefits do you feel AI contributed to your internship and time in Australia?

AI was part of the process all the time. My questions, even the most ridiculous ones, were answered by them any time I have sent them an e-mail. During my internship period the letters they sent me and the discounts which have been provided by them to certain companies made my stay more comfortable.


What advice would you give future interns?

The first month of the internship will be an adapting period with lots of homesickness. It will be better for future interns to go out, try to make new friends which will improve their view of life. For the working purposes, I would suggest them try to learn as much as they can, ask questions all the time and take notes or take photos of what they do if they are allowed to use their mobile phone. Do not think that Australia is always hot. Try to bring some winter clothes with you too.


What do you enjoy most about Australia?

I love the society of Australia. As a metropolitan city Sydney is a big city, which politeness is not expected for crowded city people. However Sydneysiders are kind really helpful to foreigners. I also like the scenic beauties of Australia with beaches, mountains are fascinating. It is easy to reach to those scenes by public transport.


allan bell



Hi my name is Allan Bell, I am 23 years old and currently live in Brisbane, Australia.

I have a keen interest in foreign culture and travel! I have been to 20 countries globally and will visit South Korea and Philippines later this year.

Before I started with Australian Internships, I spent my days flying through the skies as Qantas Flight Attendant. I got the opportunity to discover the vast majority of Australia, made so many amazing memories, while exploring our wonderful country. I have 9 years of customer service experience and I strive to provide excellent service for all of my interns. I enjoy getting to know people on a personal level and my main goal is to ensure students are happy and comfortable with themselves and their environment. I believe that being an IPS is both challenging and rewarding and this is what drives me to succeed.


How would I describe my work?

Being a part of the IPS team gives me the opportunity to communicate with students on a personal level. It requires a range of interpersonal skills including; problem solving, empathy, patience and accuracy. Being a part of the IPS team can be challenging at times but nothing beats assisting others in achieving their goals. Our team is given the opportunity to communicate with students from all walks of life - each with their own story. We are encouraged to interact with our students as much as possible for various different reasons and this enables us to build a friendship. My job is both diverse and extremely interesting and I look forward to speaking with my students every day!

My message to interns

I would like to say how proud I am of my interns. Hearing so many wonderful stories about their experiences gives me so much inspiration for my future. I wish all of you the very best and I hope that you are delighted with your decision to come to Australia. It’s been so great getting to know my interns and I look forward to watching each of you succeed!


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