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Greetings from Australia,

We are halfway into Autumn in Australia already! Busy is the word of the month here, with the team working to place interns from around the world!

For those in the Northern Hemisphere it is time to prepare your candidates to complete an internship in Australia during their summer break, feel free to submit documents, enquiries and candidates with interest in coming to the land Down Under to the marketing and admissions team at AI.

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V1672 – Events Management Internship in Sunshine Coast

Events company focused on team building adventure training. The Host works with professional conference organisers, corporations and various other businesses - to put together team building and leadership activities. Over 10 years in the industry now with its own venue as well as being fully mobile.

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V1671 – IT Help Desk Internship in Brisbane

This company provides clients with top-notch tech support on a consistent basis by maintaining a help desk that is fully staffed with professional IT experts and highly educated engineers.

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V1665 – Marketing & Customer Service Internship in Sydney

This company is dedicated to preserving the environment and cares about people. They are committed to developing new processes in design and fabrication that will make products last for longer and consume less waste.

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V1664 – Business Internship in Melbourne

Exciting Internship opportunity in Solution Integration industry for a student who has IT and computer skills.

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Age: 21

Field: Engineering

City: Brisbane

Nationality: Indian


Why did you choose to complete an Internship?

After graduation, it was a bit difficult to get my career started straightaway so I decided to undergo an internship to get myself framed with some professional experience in the industry and an international work experience turned out to be a massive breakthrough for me.

What have you learned the most during your internship?

Adapting to the Australian work culture! I transformed my self-management skills and work ethics to build strong interpersonal relations with my teammates and to tackle potential risks and working with my superiors, I perceived ability to preserve prestige of the organization.


What do you enjoy most about Australia?

During holidays and weekends, I loved to travel around to explore more about Australia’s beautiful sceneries and got a chance to meet and interact with people from different nationalities. Beaches happened to be the best part of my journey and Sydney turned out to be my ultimate holiday destination. I am grateful that Australian Internships gave me this opportunity that helped to forge my career growth and skilfulness.


Jenny Salonen

Director, Strategic Engagement



My name is Jenny Salonen, I am the Director, Strategic Engagement at Australian Internships, I have been working in the education sector for over twenty years managing Australian and international education projects. I have worked with Government departments, training organisations and corporate managers regarding the implementation of a training project in Latin America, Indonesia, India, PNG, SE Asia and the Pacific region.

How would you describe your work?

I love my work! I work with a great team of passionate people who focus on supporting our interns to achieve their career goals. My work is interesting as I get to work with stakeholders to develop new and exciting programs in different markets. I am currently developing a global internship program and working with host organisations in the Pacific region and Latin America.


What do you like the most about your work?

I get to meet some great people from all over the globe, and I find out about their organisations and culture. I have a passion for making a difference to people's livelihood by ensuring they gain the knowledge and skills to be gainfully employed, this role helps me to achieve this.

Your message to the interns?

An internship is the first step in your career and you will gain invaluable experience; you will make some amazing connections. Always put your best foot forward as there is no second chances with first impressions.


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